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fictitious. And there is no evidence that his opposition to the

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1 See H. Wagner, on a pseudo-Galenic tract or Address, reviewed by myself in Class.

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in modern rituals, was intimately connected with the laying on

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o^ewv iradoiv), and in other criticisms of his predecessors. To

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Herophilus to Galen. Although no author can be independent

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330 B.C. its finest coins, and led the southern confederacy until

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Moreover it is in his pages that we find the first injunction of

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the lion, was regarded as not much less efficacious. I have read


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ecclesiastical. It is for this reason, in order to reach a point of

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into Alexandria by the influence of Diodes, Praxagoras, and

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may be linked up, a clear opinion as to direct sources seems

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Sacred Disease), is drawn from Diogenes of Apollonia (c. 430)

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great antimony strife of the sixteenth century, 2 was published

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taught accordingly that with each beat the arteries drew pneuma from the heart (as well as

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the period with which these lectures are concerned. 1 The

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1 This address was written before the cardinal change of 1920 towards a hospital

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Republic, the intercourse between the two cities both in trade

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pneuma. It is well therefore to quote the very words attributed

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certain histories of medicine under the names of Hermippus of

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identifications begin to appear. 2 Philumenus has this particular

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an Alexandrian, who practised at Nicaea, for his Dynameron 1 —

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but of its proper heat and spirit (non quod a refrigeratione sed quod

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and with it the thorax ; then the incoming draught of air cooled

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(bapfidfccov, Galen xi. 794 K.). Although Galen drew freely from

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establishments it was convenient to have a doctor on the

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1 In the reign of Trajan a Chinese general reached the Caspian and tried to open up

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On the whole Aetius seems to have been a man of large experi-

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(itself largely from Soranus, p. 215) ; his Medical chapter is

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physician, of whom he gracefully says, " pretium operae solvitur,

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nursed in the augury and haruspicy of the Etruscans ; a divina-

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For the estimation of the sources and currents of the scien-

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But in the Odyssey (xix. 457) the haemorrhage of the wounded

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although Dioscorides mentions Asclepiades twice, his debt to

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but it is conceived on formal and stereotyped lines, each

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before Asclepiades, was a physician of great renown, and so

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so called, the taint of magic was ingrained in ancient Roman

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we might say of molecular attraction or gravitation — squeezing the particles together,

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was indeed rather alien than akin to science. The mind of the

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fell into doubt. It was now argued that all heat, such as the

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four elements and the four humours. 1 Dr. Budge looks upon

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to this day the Italian people trust more to ritual than to the

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only the organ of the soul (p. 227) ; yet for him the coupling of

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1892 ; Altitalische Weihgeschichte ; Stieda, Rom. MUM. xiv. 1910 ; Dupouy, Mid. et

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as Abelard made Paris, and Fulbert made Chartres — and who

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of vapour, of fire, or fiery vapour. Bacon (Hist, densi et rari)

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(p. 239), we must still bear in mind that his greatness was not

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fourteenth century. His father was a member of the College of

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comments again on this point of view that, although basing its

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of diseases into the Acute and Chronic (teste C. Aureliano), the

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well as after Epidaurus, was no less prodigious. 1 The Alexandrian

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encyclopedist or " summist," yet a many-sided author whose

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training, for the clinical worker to keep pace with them, or from

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Roman intellectual stupidity, and yet more to the kind of hungry

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a glimmer ; he does once allude to a hepatiform change in

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