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operations which fell therefore to peripatetic lithotomists,

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of medicine remind us somewhat of the infirmary and medical

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critical acumen, was incomparably the inferior of Celsus, and

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for instance bone, muscle, brain, and so forth — were divisible

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the corollary of Epicurus, that for the sake of the soul the body

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the only mentions of Celsus in the Middle Ages ; on the other

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ception of a cubed number ; for I think we shall all admit that

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Carbonarius. This also may be a less skilful copy of Crateuas.

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Sicilian Fragments. However I have used many other contributions — e.g. Jiiger's art.

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as the seat of the soul ; the opinion of some in Hippocratic


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tubes, which in Aristotle's opinion (p. 30G) did not anastomose,

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1 At the time of the first publication of these Lectures I had to thank Sir John Sandys

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sense ; a " via media man." He wrote, broadly speaking,

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restored to its author, " Peter Peregrinus." The title of the letter

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awaken in chaos the evolution of order and form ; a fine con-

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Many years ago, from the sixpenny tray of a bookstall, I

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and learned of many ; yet he seems to have retained the Cnidian

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contested ; though on the whole treating his great predecessor

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