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(p. 79), before Hippocratic times. Thus for the historian the

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the idea of the pneuma ; the Orient — e.g. the Jews — of the blood.

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practice and in his understanding Boyle seems to have grasped

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that by his sceptical and cautious temper Cullen prepared the

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by Innocent III. at the old bridge. For, even after the building

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ancient hand magic was by no means confined to midwifery.

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these summaries are of little historical value, but Theophanes is

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astrology, but of medieval belief in it ; as I have done in my edition of Roger Bacon (vol. i.

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blood or none. With Galen, who was sure that the blood took

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1 This book seems to be inaccessible ; it is not in our library, nor in the Brit. Museum.

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attained the salvation of the inductive method, and definitely

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also this in his view came from all over the body — pertained

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but now, forsooth, the Jew will lend no more, and hence the Univer-

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to time there was confusion, or at any rate a blend, between

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(p. 90), the supposed medium of sound, whether it was here too

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upon the essay of 1890 on the history of the burning-glass, which

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and chivalrous ideal, and " a low intensity of superstition."

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mystical confusion between Asclepius as a snake and with snakes,

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extraneous and unauthentic materials ; so that it became a

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and influence was one for which ancient philosophers were indebted above all to Medicine.

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Caelius Aurelianus : of these Caelius is the most important.

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Themison, a pupil of Asclepiades who is commonly regarded,

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of antidotal or remedial qualities. As our sometime Public

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Furthermore, we must not suppose that the pythagorean

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seniors, yet with his larger mental grip he will soon pick

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On account then of the aforesaid multitude and confusion of

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yet he must be so instructed in the broader principles of them

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were flourishing, physicians of modest mien and honest kindly

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universe, and sought for moving (dynamic) as well as material

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Athenaeus, Agathinus, and Herodotus, 3 are fortunately copious,

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prescribed by Asclepiades, Musa, and Agathinus became the

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presumably is, for the surgeries as for the law courts, that both

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Cato, he belongs indeed to Cicero's generation ; yet he remained

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Pythagorean a number was an entity, occupying space, moving

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pursued in the night by her infuriated husband, sword in hand.

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only from such familiar stories as of Teiresias and Elymas —

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ciples, Methodism persisted for many following centuries and

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Xpdvov re /cat irvbi)v ko.1 rb Kevbv (Pythagoras)). Aristotle says growth can hardly take

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The difficulty then lay in the gearing of this tremendous thinking

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mined. But as — at Epidaurus, Cos, and other places — health

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of his ethics. Oxford said of him, " He has actually written

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source or entrance of this energy in gastric digestion — for

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has come down to us almost complete. Of this work the toxico-

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have the authority of your high position ; we beg you therefore not

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the supremacy of mathematics. Of all scientific truths the uni-

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properties like amber. We may regard Diodes then, whose

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" souls " were three. As a physician Herophilus, in opposition

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192 in law, 72 in medicine and surgery, 50 in literature and

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onwards ; so that the respiration was regarded as tempering the

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it will not be forgotten by the medical reader that, in the sphere

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respect of the aorta and venae cavae. Dr. Crawford (Harv. Or.,

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Causus was the aestivo-autumnal form, often unattended with

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Alexander, distinguished among the many medical Alex-

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