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of individual cases or even in an inquiry into the species and

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promise ; but he was eminently one of those in whom initium

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The author has been accused of copying from Philumenus ; on

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and especially of the eastern part of it. In the West of Europe,

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" Vulnerarius" into that of "Carnifex" Was he so barbarous a

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Eclectic Pneumatist, of Methodist origin, Archigenes of Apamea ;

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merism (p. 174) — if sometimes fanciful in analogy and illustration,

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inscription, those physicians who serve the public (oaot Stj/xo-

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2 C. Allbutt, Harveian Oration (Camb. Univ. Press, 1901).

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it less easy to compare the several social constituents and faculties

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did not see that the human mind cannot, or will not, content

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70 B.C.), are for us little more than names. Of Apollonius Mys —

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medicine was planted out in Italy, Spain, Gaul, and even in

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origin in the brain (p. 150), and supposed them to be bundles of

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After these lines were written I read in the British Medical Journal (August 13, 1910)

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and one subject had been otherwise mentioned by Sextius only.

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and harsh we are perhaps thinking of the " restored " mosaics

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of Dauphine. The Rector was nominated by each Faculty in

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phantom, Antyllus ; and so, says Wellmann, did that no less

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age showing signs of Sicilian influence, the great artery (/xejd\Tj

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truth that the outer air rushes into the lungs because the pressure

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tion, as revealed in incandescent vapours, might throw some

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gnosticism, and similar " high imaginations." Before Christ,

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Galileo, whom Milton visited in prison ; even he, one is almost

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we must not give too much latitude to the word " contemporary."

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damped the finer ardours of imaginative and creative conception.

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Antioch, Edessa, Berytus 1 and others, we may picture to our-

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greek had dropped out, and a kind of latin had taken its place.

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of this " most obliging and universally curious scholar," his

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The next important step in the reconstruction of Soranus

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what we call matter. It is not easy to state precisely the differ-

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trust, you will see to, and from this day forth act with prudence.

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box, for " directing one's course to towns and islands, and any places

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Diogenes of Apollonia, who flourished about 430 B.C., is an

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or powers of the air. Some of the nearer godlings, it is true, were

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extant, but we know that they were of great authority in their

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individual genius every several part of the product of social

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sober, and devoted to the State and the gods, ideals which were

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days the Act was a very serious business, often lasting from early

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far more intelligent and clear-sighted thinker. 1 I have suggested

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Alexandrian books — may be inadequately realised even by the

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curiosities. I ought to add however that Photius and Psellus,

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with Diogenes of Apollonia, we are enabled to fix his date

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pupils leave Cambridge for London, imbued I hope with some

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Moreover, under the Empire and even in the later years of the

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proportions of endless permutation ; combinations naturally so

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cine), historically speaking the words have little in common ; the link may be in exorcism.

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instans of Matthew Platearius, exercised a dominant influence

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