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Dear Sir — Without laying stress upon the rumours which have

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to serve for condensation of the blood. However about this time

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to, concerning the special senses, I shall not dwell at much

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that time could enter into them ; furthermore, these Greek

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Medicine and Biology. — When we rise from physics into

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vision was one doctor per 1000 men. 1 The Greeks moreover care-

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the opinions of Erasistratus on the respiration we have little

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but her static aspect. For the modern mind the Eleatic doctrines

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perhaps this is not altogether to reason in a circle, for such

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modic affections without Fever ; namely, tetanus, epilepsy, chorea,

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astronomer, first founder of a theory of the spheres on direct

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of which 750 were herbs. Each Vedic physician had his herb

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the doctrines and rhetoric of Carneades (c. 156 B.C.) were for

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and only in this sense opposed Asclepiades. The pharmacist

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physician of the tradition and spirit of Hippocrates, whose large

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under the management, of a particular physician. To these

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Such then were the manifold doxies spun by Greek ingenuity

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laid before you ; and also to the memorials erected to physicians

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teenth century we know that there were more than fifty colleges,

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of the day, on narrower if surer ground, were teaching, almost

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sophers, Cartesians and others, admit it with some variation."

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etc., were closed by decree of Constantine in a.d. 335 ; some were

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for religious, literary, and sophistic missions, and for gain, sped

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been very foul), blow upon blow, and time after time, smote and

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thence carried forward, in medical tradition, to be developed

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and that heart and blood-vessels beat together (De resp. 20) ;

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vesicles minutely in search of a seminal element, and, finding

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method was a sound one. Moreover upon it Archigenes seems

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indestructible — immortal. And (Timaeus 89) Plato calls this mover " soul " ; we call it

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that for every disease a drug existed and must be sought for.

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born with three legs was a sign from the hidden powers of Nature ;

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still read and followed down at any rate to the first century B.C.

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seen that virtually Erasistratus, and probably before him Aegi-

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spaces only ; for air, like other substances, itself consisted in

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public pharmacists, were subjected therefore to official inspection ;

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tains quotations from Hippocrates, Philistion, Diodes, Praxagoras,

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text in 1914. 2 This contains also the remaining extant work of

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or " dogmatics." This was unfortunate, for the Italo-Sicilian

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of the flesh (inspiration), and onwards by oscillation (alwpa)

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(Hist, of Plague of Athens, Lond. 1857), argued not without

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virtues of the nails of the Cross has not been verified.

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quality of order and law, of self-determination, of harmonious

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fellow -student of the pharmacist Apollonius Mys, and that,

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