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and female organs of generation. He also taught the value of
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the Hippocratic physicians of the fifth and fourth and later
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before his consulship, he discovered Ennius in Sardinia, brought
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ready to cite long series of them. Moreover in two essays on
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was " ; is there not a flickering light of rational kinship between
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entum, were loyally devoted to the great master. In the reign of Hadrian one Dioscorides —
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expanding, shaping, and disintegrating an inert matter is a lower
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Uepl <f>va(bi>, a title difficult to translate into English, but which
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However, the author of the treatise De spiritu (Uepl TrvevfiaTos)
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for insight into nutrition and secretion — the world had to wait
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Nicander in the second century B.C. ; and so in its turn became a
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be, of all animals, the acutest in vision, and its eyes to be either
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lived, are relatively few and pardonable. In two places, as
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in the same valetudinarium " ; which suggests that rich as
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chemist into the occult causes and laws of fermentation by
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2 The blustering comedy of the great preparations for the christening of Jacob Barnet,
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length ; they were mere conjectures which could not then,
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the infection, a cursory glance at the first volume of Ideler, at
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Of supernatural or magical observances the more specific
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to the writings of other people." x Loeffler states that in this
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known to us only by the passage in the Tristia (iv. 10. 43--14) :
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1 Francis Bacon (De principiis) quoted Telesius as regarding circular motion as "in-
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this more accurate anatomy did not reveal more physiology. So
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show, inter alia, the river god offering a cock to Aesculapius.
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be called votive curses, such as to root (" defigere ") the enemy
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house in Cambridge, cured a dumb woman by snipping the
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to assume, as Aristotle did, an active expansion (De resp.,
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system) he perceived more correctly. Harvey, was, I think,
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declare that such practices have done them good." Ulpian, Dig. L. XIII. c. i. § 3, quoted
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at the effigy of a Hippocrates or a Moses, and on the next, as
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Herophilus was, we observe, still master of that Pindaric, almost
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tion ; as e.g. De resp. (480 a 1), where he describes the pulsation as caused by the entry of
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necessarily imply loss of substance, as the addition of air or spirit would make a body
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under signatures, a hold on the attention ; yet in the culling
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generations ; though not always to their own renown, as after
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magic and amulets. Sandys says that Fulbert included medicine
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latter part of the eleventh, and in the twelfth century, the renais-
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of letters. In Wycliffe the Oxford man of science has his part :
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been written between the years a.d. 43 and 48 ; at any rate he
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have assumed to be closed — perhaps under the pressure of a
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gather indirectly even from Galen's animadversions, when he
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2 F. Jahn, of Meiningen in the old Janus. Brcslau, 1840.
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spasm is partial in its origin, and consciousness often not lost ;
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into the passages of sensation ; the theory of Democritus assumed
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sagacious clinical school — variegated, indeed, by some sectional
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Plato supposed his triangles to act in a plenum. 1 Erasistratus
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from each other may be further illustrated by a certain polemical
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were crucial. But, persisted the empiric, clinical observation
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1 See Schone, H. Markellinos Ilepl ocpvy/xwv in a Festschrift published Basel, 1907, which
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upon which the medical renaissance depended, could not rest
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Withering wrote an essay The Death and Burial of Phlogiston.
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was devoted to surgery ; indeed it was prescribed as a surgical
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for allowing me to see some advance sheets of the then forthcoming Companion to Latin
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by their saline constituents and their temperature. Aristotle
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i.e. women undertook the more secret diseases. In Seneca
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ancient " universities " were of one or two faculties only.
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Aristotelian school, as little more than a refrigerator for the
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kings and dynasties, and in France, in Belgium, in Franconia,
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behind " nature " (rj tov oXov cfivcris) to give it harmony and end.
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expanded against all thwarting and contempt ; in Rome, not-
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as causes of disease. He was not indeed without a tincture of
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