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The chief fault of the empiric was that he was unaware of the

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Flaccus, speaking of cold and languor without fever). Chrysippus

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main tissues of the body (6/xoiopep}}), 3 that is, bones, flesh, blood-

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indeed Alcmaeon had perceived this connexion (p. 99). Further-

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in his " noble manly beauty," sometimes accompanied by his

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stronger because it had to contend with the powers of heat ; and

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and Etruscan societies. 1 It is true that in Aegean history, in

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supposed the nerves to be tendinous prolongations of the dura

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was no histology. Aristotle, and probably most other biologists,

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Tarentum. We shall see in a later chapter that Crateuas is a

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Cullen tries to supply their place, not by more scientific obser-

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too often superficial and undiscerning, record of symptoms ; they

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on the eighteenth beating of the heart ; on the twenty-seventh traces of the spinal cord

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that of Greece proper. Moreover the increase of Ionian com-

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cities the blood expels humours and obstructions ; the brain is

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as " entities." Thales again was one of the first men of science

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discovered, and new opinions which he has formed, without sup-

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throughout the body, and maintained the nutrition of the several

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I have spoken of the seventh century as the lowest period of

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undiscriminated terms, and in places approximate to " form " or

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Populus remedia cupit. (Qewv %etpe9 elvat ra (frdpfia/ca, Kiihn

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interesting book. For the more general historical matter outside the life of Ferrari I am

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century a.d. in Greco-Roman lands efforts were made to pro-

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We have associated atomism with Asclepiades and the Methodists,

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of them more or less identified with heat, and a source of power

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verbal values — was for the genuine pneumatist an atony or taint

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and eclectic tendencies, and even by changes of denomination,

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1 Das Gift in d. dramat. u. anhken Lileratur, Leipzig, 1908 ; a tract of 78 pp. to which

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Abbess Hildegard of Bingen in the twelfth century (1099-1179).

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Aristotle ; and Bruno, who fought Aristotle lyrically and alle-

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fessors and great library, most nearly perhaps the rival of Alex-

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century B.C. onwards — a tradition which by rights should find

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the Moslem schools of Spain, whence Avicebron handed on the

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shall see that Dioscorides, who in the botanical part of his subject

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Athenaeus, who did much to weld together philosophy and

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then some awakening of a more positively scientific spirit becomes

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were the cement of the fortress, the conditions of its solidity and

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herself spatial. But, later, as I am informed, Plotinus argued that the thinking soul

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