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was continued by the Popes ; Guy of Chauliac was Archiater

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was an alarming and an imperative visitor ; the monks therefore

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indeed so far as to order two bodies of her criminals to be delivered

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To Schonack's Scribonius, Meyer's Priscian, and a few other

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1 As regards the two adjectives ^u</>uto5 and (rv/xcpvTos, £[x<fivTos is usually taken to

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Philistion, the pupil of Empedocles. Be this as it may, the terms

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directly concerned with their medicinal and pathological qualities,

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the Middle Ages most students sucked their honey not in one

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purged his science of them ; so that on the whole, and overlooking

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collection of Niketas at the end of the eleventh century, a valuable

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the wounded. There were nurses for the sick, ambulances,

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August 1215, the teaching of the Metaphysics, and of the Physics

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of the wealthy Hellenic cities of Asia Minor, was unknown to

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is indeed the chief source for us of the records of the supersti-

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which are fixed upon the morning star, theirs the feet that are

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have been small homes opened by charitable persons ; then on a

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attributed to Dioscorides, but in error ; of these the chief are a

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" Ne sibi persuaderes Ut abortioni operam daret, puerumque ut

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Diodes were before him (p. 361). In many MSS. of Dioscorides,

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Eclectic Pneumatist, of Methodist origin, Archigenes of Apamea ;

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fairly clear until Byzantine times (see Xenocrates, p. 382).

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originated that initial abstinence at the commencement of a

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by Hecataeus (Diels) ; and he organised a colony to Pontus

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brain as the organ of mind ; i.e. of perception, thought, and

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able service until the renewal of plant illustration in the beautiful

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the blood after passing the lungs (p. 308), where it was supposed to

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that Reason is the first cause of all things, we shall not be content

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for instance, arising from the stream of fresh blood in the sacrifices

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3 That is, speaking generally. Galen credits Diocles with some knowledge of anatomy

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stitions, such as those of divination which were a bane to

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3 I do not mean that these men were mere compilers ; certainly this would be very

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laid before you ; and also to the memorials erected to physicians

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" form " it became a primary quality of nature ; and therefore,

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tion of phthisis, he divided the disease conveniently enough into

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for the while disintegrative phases. The dominant class then

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And before Christ we read of hospitals in provinces, especially

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discover the channels and the monuments of this propagation,

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Empire, the change of site at Cos took place, the pure and

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2 " Certain living creatures which the eye cannot follow . . . pass b\- the air through

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inevitable ; it was perhaps necessary that the Nestorians, and

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one digs below the surface, obscure. However in a certain mystic or transcendent —

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in respect of remedies, such as pepper (p. 26) in Dioscorides, in

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the soul in them, and re-established for a while the doctrine of

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more than did the older Greek schools, on drugs, yet in his

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The physician is seated, and is bandaging a man's arm. An

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House of the Vestals. Probably for the big men the title was

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ment of magic, always the black shadow of mysticism and, like

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covetous intriguer, bent on plausible inventions and pliable

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prevail through the Arab period to later times, as in the doc-

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der Pflanzen, 2 it declared, were revealed by forms or marks.

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Thus it was, as the spirit evaporated from the Medicine of

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possit ; and (in another place) ea neque addicta opinioni sunt ne

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