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cipal instrument of ordinary and gentle respiration, altho' to

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corpuscular hypothesis iD a new form. These great shifts of scientific opinion and phases

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subject, such as medicine, without a strong underlying frame-

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have spoken. It is curious to perceive how in Asclepiades the

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all quackeries. 2 And I may point out how in Rome this lucid

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in this thriving city. All his brothers attained distinction, and

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vessel. Dreams were of course the vehicle of counsels and

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much in common. This inference first suggested itself to Well-

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my Address on Medicine in this city in 1888, is yet to come, to

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great way in Greece ; but though Rome did not owe this super-

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(itself largely from Soranus, p. 215) ; his Medical chapter is

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4 But this must have been a verbal quibble or a vacillation of opinion, for, as we shall

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primary endowments of matter or substance. These sages — the

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fathers of the church. To Origen I have made some reference

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blundering, careless, and ignorant in his reflections on the Fine

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of these inscriptions are upon the pedestals of statues erected in

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Still greater marvels could it do in the hands of Nature, the

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amulets, spells, omens, and demons crept in more and more boldly.

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Galen and other greek writings into arabic. 1 But it was not

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nymph (nympholepsy), and so to evil spirits or devils ; from the

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served its modest purpose for the time, was published by Acker-

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(f>dpp\,a.K (XKeafxar enaaae fieAaivdcov SSvvdcov,

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was closely associated with Boyle, both in his physical and

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in the revival of natural science. But Oxford held one greater

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Mesue, Averroes, Albucases, Maimonides, Haly-Abbas, and

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and 256). In more than one place Celsus seems indeed to refer

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of Chauliac, to Pare. And in this place I would not fail

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(ch. 131) of Herodotus. 1 The part of the story which concerns

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different as Petronius and the Acta Sanctorum. Asclepius would

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Murray called their meeting to found the Retreat at York, and

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in the expedition of Claudius to Britain, but probably not as

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probably he lived in the time of Attalus III. (Philometor) ; in

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period and of the Roman pneumatists. Herophilus described

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Alcmaeon and Diodes (pp.252 and 257), taught, and was the chief

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epidemic, which some however suppose to have been virulent

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emblems — such even as some of the sillier of our people buy

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under the name of Soranus (see V. R. Anecd. Gr.). In the

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the plant was to be plucked on St. John's Eve, and worn in the

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of disease, with their reliance on the resources of nature. The

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