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house in Cambridge, cured a dumb woman by snipping the

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Aristotle, and likewise regarded the heart as the seat of this

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such as bad food or bad gases, were not forgotten ; for to some

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observed that not only by Asclepiades and Celsus but also before

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hospitals for the sick and wounded, hospitalia, as Vitruvius

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this of a rational kind ; but as a therapeutical specialist Celsus

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the incantations on digging up herbs, such as henbane ; cere-

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not betake himself to operation until other means had failed.

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to sight, smell, taste, etc. ; the last two sections are on baths

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4 See Daremberg's collection of parallel passages. His greek technical terms were often

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was the marvel of marvels : at first sight he marvelled at the

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generations ; though not always to their own renown, as after

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a medical curriculum was formulated, and that it included

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its way, perchance by the eclectic Gaubius, but of the method

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morning and practice in the evening — he would present himself

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of letters. In Wycliffe the Oxford man of science has his part :

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been written between the years a.d. 43 and 48 ; at any rate he

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notably in the extravagant gymnastics of the period, such even

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1 It can scarcely be said that there was any systematic qualification of medical men,

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taking the degree of M.D. in the other ; a graduate of Laws in

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of Thales, Heraclitus, Hippocrates, Leucippus, and Democritus

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compendious, and wholesome source for Isidore and Bede, so

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and profounder (a&7)\a) causes ; yet he found a place for " Logos,"

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and of their independence they took no mean advantage : they

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treasures of your library. I would that my lecture to-day were

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at Siena by the humanist known as II Panormita ; but that soon

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cataplasm, etc., taken from the Greek ; as if Hippocrates had

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though the darts of Apollo are probably so to be regarded ; 3

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he was not recognised or even mentioned as an authority by

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university. Now we have to stint even this moderate com-

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leading |place as a centre of culture through the Middle

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sistent development, the spontaneity in unity almost organic,

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Plato supposed his triangles to act in a plenum. 1 Erasistratus

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Medicine of any pretence to a scientific quality thus passed,

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being often an inessential character. Thessalus, in crudely

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upon which the medical renaissance depended, could not rest

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spirits," receiving these from the retina, caused visual perception.

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