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may be traced back to one Apollodorus of Alexandria (c. 300
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blend of Heraclitean flux, of the Empedoclean four elements,
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direction of the Duke of Milan ; Leonardo da Vinci, the greatest man the Duchy, and
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as they shared in such crimes, did so at second hand by imitation
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tion at the bedside there was none but what students obtained
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From such extravagance John was free ; he had absorbed not
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death Jeremy Martius published a latin translation of Grevin
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the way, that the social rank of Medicine in those days was one
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of Geber ; whether in optics, his special study, Bacon went
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2 Professor A. E. Taylor in a note on axVl xaTa as meaning just "atoms" (Stratton's
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combustion and the doctrine of Innate Heat is one of the most
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rule of divine or semi-divine institutions, by an iron rule which of
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2 Arcesilaus introduced the thesis and public disputation into the later Academy.
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the ancients, even for Aristotle, the heavenly bodies were lovely,
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at best medicine, in default of original or direct investigation,
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this incidental value, seems to have practised in Alexandria,
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come from Egypt, a country rich in opium and other poisonous
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groups of wounded and sick were left behind in villages a doctor
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only too familiar drugs and draughts. Our grandmothers and
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Thus, as in the fifth century B.C. the rise of science began to
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who was summoned as public physician to Amphissa. Many
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ebb of Methodism ; and although under Trajan and Hadrian
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research ; or latent errors in processes, even by persons " assidu-
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the works and traditions of Greek Medicine were jealously
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their works ; in a few cases indeed, as of Archytas, only as
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yet in respect of the nervous system these Alexandrian anatomists
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Of this kind then, so far as these limits have permitted me
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from these arise some of the most luminous principles of academic
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there should be one law of sexual honour for man and woman
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bad, instructed and uninstructed, freemen and slaves, reputable
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said that Heraclides was of the same school of thought (p. 370).
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— a strange contrast to his predecessors — and before the diversion
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issued privileged court and ecclesiastical physicians. Here I
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of the military hospitals as yet revealed to us by excavation
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and observed more definitely that the air made the change. 1
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spring of force he called Psyche ; and to this vital principle,
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that the association may have been more or less indirect, as waters
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mucus, and the tenesmus. There is a no less intelligible account
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able form than of parchment, was handed down to the third
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that in many temples of Asclepius statues also to Oneiros, and to
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death alleged to have been brought about by his fault. Of the
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Egypt to Rome came medicines, especially the healing plants,
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had founded chairs of greek in Rome, when Quintilian became
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before and after meals ! I am told that within living memory a
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physicians, could not refrain from signifying by his indiscriminate
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of our art — an art drifting then and since through many ages
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Schmidt, Kulturhist. Beitr. ii., Leipzig, 1912, S. 45, 101.
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look over the Hellenic medicine whence they mainly derived,
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condensation of a urinous vapour (p. 173). Haeser says, it is
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the bent to polypharmacy. The testimony of Galen, as cited
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But herein, as we have seen, Galen was no pioneer, he did but
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Virgil and Ovid, known to us only by the passage in the Tristia :
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teste. In another place we read of Peter of Maricourt, or of Maharne-
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the Columbarium Liviae on the Appian Way we read of a " Supra-
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magical and Orphic bias ; and the Platonic School, which was
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