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plot out, those influences upon the men of later times ; thus I
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in this Ionian conception " matter " becomes a mere logical
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part from a deeper — Christian — humanity, more and more of
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whose stuff he was stealing without acknowledgement.
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another — for example, that a patient has naturally curly hair
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liver. A " Votivbild " apparently of a case of phthisis, and a
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that became intensely inflamed and formed blisters. In Exodus
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The search for documents is a very laborious, often a very
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physical " because air is a necessary condition of living creatures,
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was underground, probably for security against raids. For a
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the Greeks, Arabian therapeutics was comparatively, perhaps
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instrument of gluttony, became almost habitual. These agents
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round (deriv. Fick : do-tcaXcnrd^eiv = pe/x/3o/xa() ; 1 da/cdXafios
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to the belief that respiration consisted in the affinity of these
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corrected Erigena's translations. 1 The noble service to science
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We shall find indeed that the division of the history of the
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conveyed in the Historia Naturalis, are known to us. Many of
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hand with the quacks ! The writings of Aetius have occupied
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and self-constructive — we have to exhaust before we search the
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large libraries. We learn moreover that Varro, an earlier
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to speak with some personal authority, and this lamp he carried
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and so on. 2 Then he tells us how there was one priest for cere-
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Sir Frederick Kenyon says however that even after the Caesarean
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in the late Greek lexicon of Sophokles, Kpd[if3Lv = Kpa,/j.f3ioi', cabbage. Also Barnard
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Brutus, and Cassius, plagoso Orbilio, may have carved their
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researches the warning that of seasons the air of autumn was the
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naturae ; nor teleological in the Aristotelian sense ; they might
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machinery, when it had served its purpose, was not scrapped
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philosophy, but to devise and repeat experiments which may
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of study than a degree ; there was no examination, but certain
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was regarded as a kind of fire, by others, as in the later treatise
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some of them into the " common " Greek, in which form they
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hand ware of this kind as in the Flos medicinae and elsewhere,
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panaceas (F.L. p. 25). The vogue of this recipe medicine may
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In his eclecticism however Gaubius dealt a little in chemistry ;
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familiar with most kinds of oriental flightiness. With the relations of Crete and its art
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divine visitation, uttered these immortal words :— " Indeed in
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to discriminate sharply between such medici as the gentle and
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flourished under the following Dukes of Milan : Filippo-Maria
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clinical medicine ; and thus in them it was preserved from the
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(a.d. 1508-88), anima was (in animals) the general feeling or
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be termed victories in contests, or debates, between physicians ;
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Into the mists of pre-Hippocratic times we can hardly attempt
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an Alexandrian, who practised at Nicaea, for his Dynameron 1 —
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Cicero, who was well versed in medicine, and even in that of
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pended upon the difference. The probability is that the notion
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worthy of Voltaire. Another Doctor shouted at Bruno, " Quid !
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guilds, or colleges ; especially that of Cos. In Roman times we
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Celsus may have thus practised medicine in his own household,
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things warred against Asclepiades. If the despotism of Galenic
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show that hemiplegia falls upon the side opposite to that of the
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