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which had grown to be many in number and of dimensions so

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too far away. Moreover the recent excavations on the lower

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Aesthesis and kinesis were functions of the " animal soul,"

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and female organs of generation. He also taught the value of

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piades, " Sanguinem incisa vena mitti novum non est, sed nullum

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of this word. Yet, in some passages, both Plato and Aristotle

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assumption, of the imposition of any limits on the function of

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169). He was quoted by Isidore also ; later, as a military

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fitful probably was the invasion of Magna Graecia during the

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the third estate was growing up ; and, in 1378, even the very

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on former occasions, Harley Street is the grave — shall I not

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as concerning the generation of Galen at any rate, seems to

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" topical fever." He recommends low diet, cold bathing, and

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be in opposition, but congruous and mutually suggestive. To take

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respiration — which he handed on, probably from Egypt, to many

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lay writers to mean palpitation under excitement ; 7r757(7cs was also a leaping palpitation,

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back the atomistic stage of medical history to Erasistratus, and

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diminished volume. Then, floating upon a Graeco-Roman aristo-

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soul ; Locke came and modestly wrote its history, developing

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Pericles on the Lacedaemonian invasion, and to their lousiness,

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may wonder at the vast distance between Watson's standpoint

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1 As regards the two adjectives ^u</>uto5 and (rv/xcpvTos, £[x<fivTos is usually taken to

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forwards of the tibia in relation to the lower end of the femur, a condition he had seen

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the pulse in this malady ; but in treatment he is not so good as

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were, for him likewise, all mutually convertible ; one substance.

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dynamic function was added to it. 2 The structure of the whole

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haemophobist, regarded this refusal as insane. He said that as

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in the person of Soranus, whose fame, and the fragments and

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in part Pythagoras owed his apprehension of the spiritual

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but especially these well-preserved illustrations, beautifully and

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Socrates followed him (see Diels, Heraclitus, Book ii., ed. 1909 ; Frag. 16 ; see also Fr. 116).


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as Thessalus had to teach might have been written on the pro-

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Maturity (Coction), Decline (Elimination). Fevers due to sepsis

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were probably before him. Nothing of the writings of Thales

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which in the hands of Asclepiades supplemented the antique and

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on the subject had then been done, and, with the war upon us,

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hostile earth spirit were placated, a long and tedious process,

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we hear only too much of these ruffians. 1 Leonides, about

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other universals subordinate to the chief triad. Yet even then,

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likewise — that, rich as by tradition may have been his physio-

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vaguely permeated the pores of the body, and condensed in the

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