Ondansetron Zofran Nursing Considerations

The snake itself from the earliest times, it is said from palaeo-
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and with it the thorax ; then the incoming draught of air cooled
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(itself largely from Soranus, p. 215) ; his Medical chapter is
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How largely Dioscorides in both his treatises took his matter,
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physician, of whom he gracefully says, " pretium operae solvitur,
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relics are extant ; x but, as recorded by Aristotle, they are obscure
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agoras of Cos, an Asclepiad and "Dogmatist" (i.e. humoralist,
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made the same reflection ; but to the thorough monist matter
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Let us turn back for a moment to an earlier period, to glance
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2 On Evelyn's second visit he found Boyle, Willis, and Wren occupied with a telescope.
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ovkovv ofxai/Jios %a> Karavrlov davtov; ofxaifios ck fiias.
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" the first professor at about £1000 a year ; " and he gave or
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fell into doubt. It was now argued that all heat, such as the
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Izaak ; and the works of many physicians about his own
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Democ). And as the particles, if solid, must be infinitely
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politan learning — a hive of Romans, Greeks, and Jews — we do
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that which escapes from the body with the blood (Homer), and
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of vapour, of fire, or fiery vapour. Bacon (Hist, densi et rari)
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Empedocles had then seen the central importance of the heart
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of much respect as an author and savant, his works were well
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used in the schools (see p. 206). Pisistratus is said to have
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comments again on this point of view that, although basing its
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such masterly reasoning because of the oddity, to us, of the
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encyclopedist or " summist," yet a many-sided author whose
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training, for the clinical worker to keep pace with them, or from
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something more than an intrigue for the removal of the
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attached a convex to a concave lens, and ascertained that near
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and less conspicuous research. In his investigation of the
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whose two astronomical treatises in verse became popular beyond their merits ; St. Paul
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Ages down to Boyle and Leibnitz. But Anaximander was no
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to write in Attic greek, could have been without considerable
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judged Empedocles a little more hardly than Gomperz does. See also Stratton, loc. cit.
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Oxford holds in proud memory, Ramists, Paracelsians, and
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than did many of his descendants ; for not only did he adopt the
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Wine. — The place of wine as a remedy is a curious story ; in
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the great vitalist, the student of the body with the life thereof,
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that in its decadence it had reduced all doctrine to the easy
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1 Praxa;;oras seems to have been the first to recognise the nerves as media of sensation ;
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gradually propitiated and tamed, as Lares and Penates ; but
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method. I have said already that herein, and not in any dis-
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He is not mentioned by Galen, nor Galen by him ; although
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That in the first half of the second century B.C., in the country
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tion which distinguishes our own time is that inspired by the
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2 For Galen's belief that the arteries contained blood, see p. 309.
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sophistry of which the pseudo-Hippocratic treatise Ylepl cfyvacov
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2 Aristotle was not strictly the first to attach the blood-vessels to the heart ; Plato
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in its favour is that it is ancient, not later than Plutarch, and
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on its way imder the Palaeologi, and thenceforward into the
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We shall find indeed that the division of the history of the
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somewhere a quotation from a chronicler, Cedrenus, a Greek
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in the lung also, was a cooling function of the water streaming
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As Europe then was, this transformation may have been
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plagiarism we are apt to forget the persistency in their days of
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standing, in content and temper wholly Greek ; to the Latins it
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indeed Alcmaeon had perceived this connexion (p. 99). Further-
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a/coro) kirl riva ctkottov ro^evovatv). There are two kinds of the
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spring up and, gyrating in the void of positive knowledge, would,
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igoytfv demiurgi. As the public physician seems to have been
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an.), and to imply that the innate heat was uncaused. Aristotle's
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another transmutation conveyed it into neo-latin Europe. Thus
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with the ideas of Aristotle ; that, according to Erasistratus, it
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One of the most poignant aspects of human life is the perennial
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ception which may be said to have fallen into utter neglect
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my authorities without mentioning them by name if they agree ").
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days of which we are speaking was no whit behind Italy in its
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schools, 2 as also over Galen and the later, the Alexandrians had
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as designed to be as quiet as possible for the sick ; and of a well-
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past, no spiritual lineage, no political, no intellectual heritage ;
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theory of fife ; but in Rome they had sunk into the muddy

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