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at any rate the Lucretian atomist before the formalist Themison,
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seem probable that in Aretaeus the Cappadocian, who so far as
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Galen). However we know that Pythagoras himself studied
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the heart's vitality, the arteries serving for the transmission of
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were frail and indeed proved to be insufficient, even in Salerno
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Abbess Hildegard of Bingen in the twelfth century (1099-1179).
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certain laws of Charondas the Catanian in which it was enacted
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to the continuity of matter — to the doctrine of the Eleatics who
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of Citium (Leipzig, 1896), is a well-known and very interesting study of ancient surgical
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Hippocratean school ; the older of the two of Italo-Greek origin,
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3 Especial reference must here be made to Prof. D'Arcy Thompson's excellent transla-
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then some awakening of a more positively scientific spirit becomes
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prosperity when in the Plague of 1398 the scholars fled, and the
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with pitch is warming, digestive, cleansing, and purging (ava-
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to life ; a like temper, a like mission. In them we shall find the
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quadrangular design. I have said that Novaesium was built
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Obviously then he would vilipend the only anatomy he could
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been laid upon it. See however Aetius iv. 17. Still it fully recognises co-operation of
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latin translation, which, he said, had illustrations, and was
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schools attached ; and not only in Toledo and Cordova, but also
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the Digest, L. 13. 1, we read, " Medicorum quoque eadem causa
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of birds, or in the currents of occult life in the entrails, were
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600 florins. (" Non sit . . . aliquis scholaris predictarum civi-
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It is in his therapeutics that the Methodist doctrines betray
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It is then an essential condition of an atomic theory, in any
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discussed the subject, seems, or did seem, to me to lay too much stress — or more stress
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known to us only by the passage in the Tristia (iv. 10. 43--14) :
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through the lungs as rrvevfia ^gotucov and Trvevfxa ■tyv-^iicov ;
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product of Christianity, and so practically unknown before the
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the more concrete phenomena of disease, and was occupied
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line of ideas half scientific, half mystical ; again reinforced, or
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in part at least to be attributed to Christianity. We find on a
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amongst Scholastic Writers," but also " divers of the new Philo-
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or phlyctenulae as small and multiple, which seems against
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thus they forwarded the scientific conception of diseases as
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amidst his other studies in medicine, he devoted some time to
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1 have by me — but probably about 1911-12). See also Ebstein, he. cit.
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seen through the haze of waning Methodism. Suffice it to repeat
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wounds as a rule should not be moistened save with wine. Galen
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1 See however p. 14 note *■. Professor Buckland's correction.
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he followed Praxagoras and Chrysippus who, in the Aristotelian
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tation after the passing of Salerno ; and perhaps the first after
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Oxford an English one ; Alcuin, Sershall, John of Salisbury, or
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Hypochondriacs, he shrewdly tells us, are not to be driven
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placed provisionally in the ventricles. 4 On his description of
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whom I have spoken already (p. 84), and carried thence to
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who are conscious of their own ignorance) by vilifying the prin-
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of oriental tradition. But to come into sight of the Arab schools
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say only, and scandal says that he took care it should be so.
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anatomy points perhaps to Alexandria, or possibly Smyrna,
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medical officers were appointed also in the cities of Sicily and
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Akron of Agrigentum (fifth century B.C.), an eminent physician contemporary with
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contrast not only to the infinite divisibility of matter, but also
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As, in his masterly Prooemium and throughout his work,
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body and its fluids, or of parts of them, are composed ; a doctrine
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a widely read man we observe, says Wellmann, even in his
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with pitch is warming, digestive, cleansing, and purging (ava-
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A rich and various pedigree ; Coan (Ionian), Cnidian, Pyth-
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