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2 Haller scofis at Scribonius for his old woman's receipts, but these are few, and were

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in Venusia ; many of the public doctors were Christians. In

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with the decision of Locke, that thought can be built only upon

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in Porphyry ; unhappily to wane in Marcellus Empiricus of

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1432 a 1472, par Dr. Maxime Ferrari. Paris, Alcan, 1899.

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sibly our new friend D.A.H. — or Graves' Disease (see Frieboes,

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cratic writings which again did no little honour to his sagacity

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and with this it is that we are now more particularly concerned,

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Asclepius was eminently an embodiment of nrpovola. Indeed

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Altenburg. The building was specially designed for a hospital,

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instance, Empedocles conceived that in cutaneous respiration

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2 " Ionische Wanderung," Stg.-Ber. Berlin. Acad., 1906, iv. ; and the previous article

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spot, as in a big ship. The economy of those big households

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teleology, by endearing him to Aristotelians — on the arguments

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1 " Zur Gesch. d. Lehre v. d. kritischcn Tagen im Krankheitsverlaufe," Wiener med.

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sicians, have derived our impressions of Cato from the babbling

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of all time, but also because at this moment it is revealed to us

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the heart but from the liver." Albeit during the next or

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3 As on Aristotle and Plato in philosophy, so in medicine transcripts and commentaries

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weights ; absolute weight being thus rightly discredited : a

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Hippocrates and his followers not only used physical therapeutics

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- In these paragraphs I am indebted in part to the various essays of the late Hugo

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category of " mixtum " which of course swallowed up most of

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fibrils or channels serving as carriers or messengers of the psychical

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tion ; and so forth. Epilepsy is very well dealt with, and so

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quotation by Galen from Soranus ; this is preceded by a long

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the time of the foundation of the Royal Society saw also the

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walls of the stomach, and the action of the thoracic muscles in

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poisoning by repeated fractional doses of the bane, as by a course

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xvii. a ; see also the Therapeulices Melhodos, x. 5.

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our era, where these institutions are mentioned no such restric-

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and to Anaxagoras, the master of Pericles ; this philosopher,

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agoras of Cos, an Asclepiad and "Dogmatist" (i.e. humoralist,

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1 See Athenaeus and Galen ; also the treatise named, " On Maladies " (Uepl voiauv),

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promoted growth and propagation ((fyvcris) by way of which

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from Thessaly. If so, under Ionian science Thessalian sorcery must soon have been

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matists recognised by the pulse the degrees of the tone of the

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If we look back from this point we shall see that the ancient

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material grandeur and might of Byzantium, which drew its

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take him to be no other than Bacon's master. But this is not all ;

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As a philosopher Galen won his way by his scholastic system ;

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considerable (Pliny xxvi. 8 and elsewhere ; also Celsus iii. 14).

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by physicians when seeking election to a medical service, or

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fifth only. Hygiene they thrust into these ; surgery and phar-

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all spurious, entered largely into the fifteenth-century herbals. The work of Sextus

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instance, these later pneumatists — as we find in Athenaeus,

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embryo was lifeless (airvow ^wov) ; it came to life with the

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shall return, for certain therapeutical means, such as bandaging

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bougies, specula of all kinds, syringes, sponges, bandages, and a

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withstanding to be treated as a disorder of the brain, a corporeal

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to see it, the other refused to link it up. This was a sad falling-off

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