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data Empedocles and Diocles followed him ; and Protagoras

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it cannot be attributed to Theophrastus ; in some opinions it seems inferior to this author.

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much magnified detestation of Vacuities." Thus he arrives at the

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result of the coadaptationof an organism and its conditions into its

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were schools of various culture. And in those days in Italy

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gems, ivory, silks, etc., to kindle the adventure and paint the

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is to be attributed to its combination with this element. 3 Un-

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The student on his first arrival, on St. Luke's Day, arranged

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wide sense of the word familiar to the Greek culture of that period,

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another transmutation conveyed it into neo-latin Europe. Thus

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a narrow and arrogant boor, may we not come nearer to the

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with the ideas of Aristotle ; that, according to Erasistratus, it

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was not altogether without responsibility, or indeed to be lost

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days of which we are speaking was no whit behind Italy in its

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views on the romanising of Greek Medicine ; but his comment-

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observed that not only by Asclepiades and Celsus but also before

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century, under Justinian, which persisted for two generations,

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past, no spiritual lineage, no political, no intellectual heritage ;

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not taken down till 1872, when it was removed to S. Kensington,

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Of the mechanics of respiration I have said little ; the opinions

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tion ; as e.g. De resp. (480 a 1), where he describes the pulsation as caused by the entry of

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Nurses were lectured for " boiling their children" ; and bathers

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yet he has to treat — let us say— dropsies on principles of osmosis,

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under this name, and had copied it, proposing to publish it

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Again the relation of the hormones to the development of men

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around them with the precision and discernment of later genera-

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all education became sophistical and " classy," and in so far as

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naturae ; nor teleological in the Aristotelian sense ; they might

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malady by laying on of hands, I should compare Hcrondas iv. 16 ff. —

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Beside the spacious opportunities of the permutations of elements

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lesion of a limb, the swift atoms, finding themselves thwarted in

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to regard it as peculiarly our own. Finally, Bacon discriminated

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in idea, in insight and in experimental achievement : wonder-

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researches Bacon was aware, that we owe the first departure

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lungs only. On turning to Fernelius I find that, for the most

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and observed more definitely that the air made the change. 1

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but also of the consciousness that — What I can begin to com-

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One man is carrying a hare which Pottier suggests may be a

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(scholq) — " in perpetuum ad collegium medicorum pertinet."

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If the immigrants were by no means always the chosen spirits

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