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the magical papyri, and in writings such as those of Alexander
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from the collections of Oribasius ; luckily, as it happens, for,
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verbal form in Diogenes Laertius, and in adjectival in Pollio.
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and indeed unknowable, things into the formulas and logical
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commentary of the schools was sufficient for all purposes ; the
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able pursuit. In and about the second century B.C. a pro-
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was equivocal. I have spoken of the Ionian idea of a surround-
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by Erasistratus, who canalised it in the left ventricle (0aA.a/zo<
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emulation, finding for him a delight in learning, and remembering
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chemistry, are operations which do not arise in mere mixtures
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Helena, a great effort was made to establish hospitals anew,
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diseases was distributed among some surgeons, but more among
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where malaria was well known in early (Hippocratic) times (see
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by goodly ranks of bottles of Maraschino and two crimson lamps
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acupunctures of big spleens with hot needles) were in general
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un peu legerement." It was not until the day of Descartes and
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r)\iKia<i ctfAa toIs aXkois fiadrjixacn av/j,7rapa\a/xj3dv€iv icai tjjv
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indeed so far as to order two bodies of her criminals to be delivered
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Cnidus. 2 He also knew the acceleration of the pulse in fever,
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into dogmas ; a lapse which, during 150 to 200 years in an
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we have some direct evidence that others than slaves were
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almost identical, as a whole, or integrating principle, to its
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testimony to the same effect, and Tacitus speaks of the Vatican
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wholly obliterated, or even altogether submerged. The ancient
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political capacity. Even Pericles was rather an idealist than a
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early eighteenth century sprang from Chemistry, as the vitalism
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dwell upon it, implies no doubt, in this context, delineation,
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materials of his prodigious mass of notes and library 3 to several
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said elsewhere, that, whatever the intercourse of trade in the
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independent and self-defined. If among ourselves the contrast
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Palladia, from sacred stones to the image of Athene, the
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mode of charity originated with the Christian Church, or at any
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great thinkers are, how much nearer than Abelard and Aquinas,
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of the Pneumatists was waning we found the idea again in
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(De usu part. i. 8) ; but it is difficult to be sure of Hippocrates's
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disorders by Dioscorides and his followers, and by Galen himself.
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between experiment and observation, even more clearly than
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The Preaching Friars were always on the side of authority,
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in a search for specifics, and thus to accumulate recipe medicine.
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physicists are at home to-day. But, though the difference of
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able vogue, and took a place in the pharmaceutical tradition
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in later Home, and in the Middle Ages was, as we have seen,
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of disillusioned dogmatists, the sort of persons who cannot be
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We have seen that Galen 2 spoke of this Chrysippus as the
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also was the admirable treatise itself, concerning whose merits
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the extant texts are very defective. Scribonius may have written
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drugging gained the upper hand so far as to foul the stream of
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ture : on the extraction of spear and arrow heads from wounds
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in critical faculty, yet is rather unduly depreciated by Wellmann.
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under a general title a comprehensive series of articles on various
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The story of the castor biting off his testicles to stop the hunters
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element fire, or a source of fire, whose finest centrifugal
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Erasistratus for curing Antiochus received 100 Attic talents —
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Through the traditions of the baser sort of authors this degraded
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loss the more unfortunate as we learn that in them was contained
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Crateuas, and of Andreas also, as more complete than other
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he is sure is mischievous. Finally, he tells his pupils that they
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salver, — who before the people in the market had boastfully eaten
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cost of the banquet, and of the dresses for a great many people.
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earlier work, much of it excerpts of Pliny and Dioscorides,
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a shining example. Its professors wrote in clear and natural
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Yet, in the ebb of the Omeyyad civilisation in Spain, these
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spirituous vapour, they argued by analogy. One example, a
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copyist, as frankly was Aetius ; that they copied from some
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and ways of enlarging the diet in fevers. Asclepiades appears
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and Galen in Greek and Latin, while a surgeon, who, by the
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