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brain into the larger vessels ; and waking as its re-diffusion
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1 We must not forget however that, traditionally, Ionic had become the language of
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Aristotle only but Plato likewise, regarded himself, indeed, as
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recognition of condensation and rarefaction, as functions of
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these leaders were then flourishing ; and they continued to
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slave broke his leg, this practical man expected his deities and
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then follow the several diseases, ending with gynaecology chiefly
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public pharmacists, were subjected therefore to official inspection ;
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forerunners. Huxley's appreciation of the Greek physiologists
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Looking back then to ancient Greece ; in the Odyssey when
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In 1642 the king entered Oxford, the toga yielded to arms ; the
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to which I am indebted, has been written by Ilberg ; 2 yet parts
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which, by expansion, condensation, and differentiations (erepouo-
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pneuma ; or indeed of distinguishing soul in its three kinds —
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not given up taking words for things, to belittle the Pyth-
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be built up. 4 Unfortunately no laboratory notes of that time
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paedia by several hands is wholly modern, unsupported by what
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the bent to polypharmacy. The testimony of Galen, as cited
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are found which probably date back to the second millennium
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penetrate the whole body but settled in the belly whereby the
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MS. of the ninth century ; this source, which unfortunately is
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xenus, etc. In outline, at any rate, we do know that such results were experimentally
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a bold and impartial Curiosity," he was shy of building upon
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despise ; and Mr. Hobbes' Adversaries need not be much ashamed
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identical with the justice and injustice of Anaximander, he
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alone : we must make some synthesis of these conceptions.
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inevitable ; it was perhaps necessary that the Nestorians, and
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title " Professor " had not the significance it has to-day ; it
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the City Council were unable to bear the expenses of the Univer-
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of character. He is not known to have helped to poison anybody.
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potency of simples (Uepl /cpdaeco^ kcu Swa/Mews twv cnrXwv
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1 We must not forget however that, traditionally, Ionic had become the language of
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Of the Methodists and the Pneumatists, sects which took
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of Asia Minor ; its ideas belong to the early period of Ionian
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the case of Alexandria, the records are lost, may in some measure
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grated ; for the later Stoics regarded pneuma as the whole soul
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West," wrote a poem, copied in full by Galen, on Theriacs, which was one at least of Galen's
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have explained, an intolerance even of the chaster Hippocratean
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and the power of learning. Not till the fourteenth century did
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tions that the air would be a wilderness of jostling eidola, that
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could not have obtained his information about it. Celsus rebukes
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gymnastic drill as sports — hunting, fishing, sailing. He dwelt
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section ; a means which, for good reasons, he did not altogether
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Doctor elected by the College of Doctors, but a student elected
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these, quoted by Celsus, " Ne agricolam quidem aut gubernatorem
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the last quarter of the fifteenth century, or very soon afterwards.
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shall not forget at the same time to admire and commemorate the
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authorship. He finds parallel passages in Galen (xi. 559) and
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tended to disease, but through the attractive pictures of the
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those demons were not the devils of later times, they were divine,
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On the contrary, we are tempted to suppose that with the ex-
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magician ; the priest and the magician being divided chiefly by
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we might call him a via media man. He desires " quae maxime
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when travelling in the Levant he was able to recognise at once a
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dedicated therein a snake fetched from India. The associations,
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emancipation from fantasy and convention ! It is true no doubt
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afterwards Greek ; 2 and afterwards by the exuberance of the
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hand, he certainly was accepted as a Roman citizen, and a
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