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Augustus, Virgil, Horace, Maecenas, Marcus Agrippa, is unique

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doctrine of the hegemony one remove away from the heart and

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example was followed much later, perhaps inevitably, by Dio-

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which followed down to the eighteenth century. John the

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In spite then of historical disdain, there w r as no inconsiderable

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for what we know of Athenaeus we are dependent upon fragments

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charitable institutions, if any, would run on other lines. But

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Times of decadence have their heroes, as times of growth ;

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versal order : the four master ideas which, within my present


(Siopia/jLos), and looked to immediate rather than to remoter

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phlegm was akin to moisture, yellow bile to fire, black bile (spleen)

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could be the quickening spirit of the macrocosm ) olov 1) ^tv^tj

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years, brought forth Shakespeare and Galileo, while Tintoret

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suffered less than the rural districts. The devastation of war,

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The College of Doctors was not part of the University. There

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where rich pastures are green and trees are laden with fruit (' ubi

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erred ; even forfeiting the birthright of their school by shirking

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the doctrines of molecules and pores, of strictum and laxum ; as

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These reflections are too important for later biological

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rather to ammoniacal putrescence, an opinion in which Cullen

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breathe is not more probable than that they breathe because


of Chauliac. In Medicine unfortunately this positive discipline

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of Oxford and Cambridge had borne a large part. An organ

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of the so-called " sophistical school," he was enlightened enough

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far as Vincent of Beauvais, 2 who however was largely indebted

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its ends, from the philosophy of the time. The Socratic method

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the heart as a maturing (" concocting ") function, second and

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Democritus, both of them travellers in Persia (where they consulted

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appear in the streets seeking for new things. I hear the sweet

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greater physicians of ancient times. 1 The habits of classical

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selves, the process of degrees remaining the privilege of the

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to the belief that respiration consisted in the affinity of these

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Albert and even Sylvester the Second, was regarded as a wizard.

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were needless for them to put themselves to trouble and charges

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essence. But even behind this, or in the centre of the wheel,

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"most perfect and perpetual" — i.e. circular — motion; the

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sick to the shrines of Asclepius, of Serapis, and of Isis, whose

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Petrarch could not understand or foresee the growth of the

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($\e/3e) may for him have meant the arteries, as he uses the

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direction of the Duke of Milan ; Leonardo da Vinci, the greatest man the Duchy, and

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medicine until 1505, though certain regents gave voluntary

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stimulants, so that some indeed gave themselves over to rank

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of his school too sedulously and fancifully over-argued its signs,

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dull and insipid way of writing which is practised by many

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empirics and methodists back to study anatomy and experi-

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For I assure thee they have complotted and sworne one to

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fevers were said to have the four phases of Onset, Increase,

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supreme artisan, using fire both as a tool and as a material.

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Galen's of the permeability of the cardiac septum, are among

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citadel of truth. However this specialising habit was almost as

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as in Theophrastus (De sensibus, 9) " r/Seadat Se tois 6 polo i"

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professors were chosen by the students themselves, at Pavia by

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Nicomedes, and Attalus, attained to an infamy almost grotesque.

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dosius I. and II. ; but, worthless as it is for itself, I mention the

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judicial tone which oftentimes conceals injustice, that Boyle,

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