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1 Wellmann, "Gesch. d. Med. in Alt'm," Hermes, 1912, Bd. 47.
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Wesley, and the lightning of Newman, in St. Mary's ; St. Mary's
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and especially against a jealous and none too scrupulous body of
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to include Publius Vegetius, who flourished about the latter
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could reveal the relation of food protein, by way of the amino-
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Hippocrates, nor apparently in the earlier Alexandria. These
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seeds of the subsequent empiricism and scepticism. Chrysippus
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Gr. ii.), and again from the treatise on the pulse usually attributed
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to speak to-night. The remarkable argument of Mr. W. H. S.
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ancient medical authors and that much was made of their
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provided a huge army medical staff ; but Payne suggested this
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the muscle with the combustible matter contained therein."
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that, in however motley a disguise, Greek ideas and traditions
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could be " dissociated " in a dog's stomach. In his travels he
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tion, as revealed in incandescent vapours, might throw some
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that the whole apparatus of breathing was regarded by Plato
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apparently recovered, died suddenly after the fortieth day ; an
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crooked streets and irregular openings he designed broader streets,
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lung, and the signs of a wounded diaphragm. On fractures and
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fire ") which wrought this change ; and this vital problem was
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From the Hippocratic schools these doctrines were carried
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in magical or critical Numbers, whether in the many nations and
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scientific history. To return now to the historical and scientific
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directly through this peripatetic teacher, 4 or through Metrodorus
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and, though of entirely uncritical mind, he avoided superstitious,
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Politian's lectures were Grocyn and Linacre. If written by a
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all phenomena are numerical, and without numbers cannot be
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for to ends she had contributed little. That when hope, faith and
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See Prof. G. Murray's Four Stages of Greek Religion.
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in S. Maria Maggiore or St. Mark's, and forgetting the visions of
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a reconstruction of them ; and again, how far these processes
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said to have been a pupil of Agathinus, was a physician of dis-
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of the old Iamata, more and more as an oracular adviser. It is
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accepted an order conceived under uniform and immutable laws.
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evidence that Greek was taught, and for a short time even
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spell of antiquity. 2 On the other hand Pliny, in system and
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the discovery, real or supposed, in certain less virulent substances,
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parallel passages, declares that Aretaeus is just a servile copy of
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Aetius, and the Ophthalmicus of Vindicianus is a latin rendering
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springs of life and the development of life ; its order in variety ;
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work ; the subject had never before been dealt with so thoroughly,
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proves to be the original work ; the earliest known copy being an
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or penetrated into the city, of themselves they were barren ;
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and with that far-reaching effect on later generations, down to
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accumulation of curious incidents, nor indeed in divination of
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extirpate the eyeball (Diels, Vorsok. 104) ; having presumably
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four " rational qualities " are sometimes bodies, simple or com-
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reappear in such fragments of Herodotus as are extant. For
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was very prevalent among Roman children, 2 he orders that the
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families, and tribes, and rejoices in its children ; it learns to
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Severus we read of the public physician " honeste obsequi
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likewise entitled to this officer's services. Moreover the public
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however, if we must take Galen's interpretation, was not the soul in the highest sense ;
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that to expose the sick and dying on the highways, for the chance
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the Church, scarcely awake to its danger, forgetful of Erigena,
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Rhoodes — dysenteric; (8) Icteriodes — with jaundice; (9) Nothros
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andria," x etc., and the keen inquiry for them was far more than
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found in the couch, or a fig, or a bandage, and the like. In later
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example of Aetius, suffered interpolations and corruptions.
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history, and too congruous with modern philosophical thought,
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editor's own revision, in 1838, as if it were the whole of it, from
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by Cassiodorus, whose passionate love for Como, its lake and its
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Philip Augustus (1180-1223), a medical link between the twelfth
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variously with other branches of science and philosophy, spun

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