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Petrarch could not understand or foresee the growth of the

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($\e/3e) may for him have meant the arteries, as he uses the

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direction of the Duke of Milan ; Leonardo da Vinci, the greatest man the Duchy, and

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medicine until 1505, though certain regents gave voluntary

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stimulants, so that some indeed gave themselves over to rank

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of his school too sedulously and fancifully over-argued its signs,

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dull and insipid way of writing which is practised by many

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empirics and methodists back to study anatomy and experi-

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For I assure thee they have complotted and sworne one to

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fevers were said to have the four phases of Onset, Increase,

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supreme artisan, using fire both as a tool and as a material.

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Galen's of the permeability of the cardiac septum, are among

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citadel of truth. However this specialising habit was almost as

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as in Theophrastus (De sensibus, 9) " r/Seadat Se tois 6 polo i"

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professors were chosen by the students themselves, at Pavia by


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Nicomedes, and Attalus, attained to an infamy almost grotesque.


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dosius I. and II. ; but, worthless as it is for itself, I mention the

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judicial tone which oftentimes conceals injustice, that Boyle,

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or dishonour than in the cases of the blameless Menodotus and

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1 On the date of Archigenes see Klose, Janus, N.F. i. 126.

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of the uterus was the two-horned — male on the right, female on the

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universal, could be sought, as they might appear, anywhere.

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The next important step in the reconstruction of Soranus

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be understood without a previous understanding of their great

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1 It was, I think, in the time of the Georges that advertisements appeared postponing

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was a result of evolution from simple inorganic elements. As

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certain papyri contain the details of an elaborate ritual of this

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in Egypt it was Lead (Osiris) ; and it is curious to observe that,

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sobriety. He did not see that, in physiology as in other sciences,

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conceive the idea of combustion as a source of energy in animals,

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long-lived. This longevity he attributed to the climate which

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hardly above the common soldiers, and to have enjoyed but

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properties of terrestrial bodies. Even Kepler was not bold enough to merge celestial in

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observations, out of place here, have startled physicists into some apprehension of a

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to be that psyche was incorporeal, extraphysical, but could be

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palpitate through the body. 1 We start full ; then the air, heated

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than this is now required of him, so far more is required of the

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I have said, the surgeon came more closely into touch with nature

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(unconcocted) ; no very unsound opinion, so far as it went.

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But this change came about very slowly ; while at no time

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