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calculated to spread alarm among the people, nevertheless I think it

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eari 7r\av(o&r)<;). It runs after certain odours, and flies from

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unless perhaps in a vague animistic or daemonic sense, soul was

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the soul or principle of life ; (2) Pneuma, spirit or logos ; (3)

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same or similar beliefs among the Chaldeans, the Jews of the

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more genuine, and the more precious as it was not a " wasting

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" spirituous part derived from the carcase of the air," a concep-

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" This honourable place of woman in a people of oriental stem is very remarkable.

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he demonstrated disease of the liver (see p. 197) ; noted lesions

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(p. 407) Oribasius killed or mutilated his own ampler work. As

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but much whether the pores of it were supposed to be open or

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than in content ; the sect had transcended itself by bursting

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of posterity. However the chief interest of Philumenus for the

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quality in every and all bodies in the universe. But the

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so long on Hellenistic and Scholastic ways, on the systems of

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done, or signified, by a laying on of the hands of the healer, or

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more directly by sophists, slaves, freedmen, and, as it is recorded,

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judge from the few records we possess of Alexandrian study, it

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to the plainer features of disease Surely the chief differential

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of the pulse (Chap. XIII.). One main point is that, after

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show that hemiplegia falls upon the side opposite to that of the

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expense, " de optimis confectionibus et vino malvatico." As the

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also the outward causes of disease. Other maladies were due

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description of diphtheria in children, emphasising the foulness

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of historical materials, often mentions his authorities (see Smith's

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a teacher or band of teachers ; thus, like animals and plants,

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Bologna, Padua, Montpellier and the rest likewise boasted of

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schools. As to its literary ethics, although in this respect his

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upon the size of the pores in relation to the molecular dimensions

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who cannot or will not comprehend such maxims but, dressing

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was not sufficient ; an indication surely of some prophecy of the

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mammalia. Neither Aristotle nor Harvey realised the call of the

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notable textual revision, since that by Targas in 1769, was by

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books copied by slaves were not very costly, the more studious

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what of Haller, a brilliant and distinguished man of science, a

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in the time of Abelard. In the sixteenth century Ramus, ejected

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Max. ii. 4. 5) ; or with his miraculous hand he does swiftly an

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supernatural influences. As Littre says, to find his doctrines

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forgotten physician. If then we have to appreciate the work of

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Alexandrinus, from whose long-winded recipes, many of them

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while searching among MSS. of the pseudo-Dioscorides. As a

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is good, and he urges the importance of anatomy as the basis of

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moving, as according to Empedocles and others, in alternate

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long before the time of Theophrastus, he may be called the first

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vicious ircle. If malaria were not the chief cause of the slow

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foreign make and of other periods. From Pliny, Galen, and

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for him much more than was known to the Arabian schools,

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of mother-of-pearl ; the walls and towers of the casket shone in

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the Hellenistic medicine of which Asclepiades was in Rome

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minded rustic, whose violent denunciations of Greek physic were

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amulets ; or again on burned parts or dung of animals — for

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herb or metal being characterised punctiliously by its humoral

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assumption of divinity by Alexander the Great, whose ominous

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give no little consideration. " Chrysippus the Cnidian," says

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in modern rituals, was intimately connected with the laying on

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o^ewv iradoiv), and in other criticisms of his predecessors. To

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Herophilus to Galen. Although no author can be independent

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330 B.C. its finest coins, and led the southern confederacy until

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Moreover it is in his pages that we find the first injunction of

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