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Wilamowitz, to whom Galen's vauntings and argumentative

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many women doctors (pp. 218 and 433) ; inscriptions mention

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eschewed the obscene and magical remedies so popular in their

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finest and most mobile matter was in different persons of various

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Rhodes, maritime islands which may be regarded as typical of

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the extant texts are very defective. Scribonius may have written

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regarded as a craftsman of the people, serving the public needs

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methods of Galen ; he decapitated animals of different orders —

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tion he attributed to stoppage in the blood-vessels of the part.

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repeat that from the Eleatic point of view there could be no

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Hippocrates, Galen, Paul, and so on. There also a gross

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is for the moment with the beneficence of the gods, yet in every

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men of learning from Alexandria, a Herophilean school was

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of Alexandria with quantities of new drugs. One writes to a

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molecular combinations and structures. 1 Not perhaps that

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bigger than other veins, the latter the vein-like artery (^Xe-yjr

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Lamachus was to be taken to a surgery we have already observed.

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again had gathered his materials from somewhat different sources,

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aerated blood enthralled Erasistratus, as it did many generations

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the Duke to his physician, Ferrari, written in 1451, might serve

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Verona to one Petros, a.d. 511. In some cases indeed a heredi-

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occasion to ordain a suppression of the doctrines of Ramus ; and,

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veins (rrapepb-JTrwaci), so flooding the arteries, and causing red

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other eager spirits with the ardour of a revelation, and professing

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proclaiming, disputing, and also achieving much admirable work.

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in later Home, and in the Middle Ages was, as we have seen,

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light of the Greek radiancy : Pergamon, with its salaried pro-

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ledge, at a great disadvantage ; yet, in no unnatural impatience

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of the scope and subjects of speculative thought, yet by virtue

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cipitation " of all foregoing knowledge of the subject from Plato

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some Oriental affinities, superstitious, and in religion ritualistic

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gated to the times of Cosmas and Damian, who cured all

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animals. Heat in his opinion was seated in the uterus ; pneuma,

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Etruscan rite 1 of driving a nail into the temple of Jupiter would

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