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undertook to blend into a new book. Passing over alteration of
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energy, yet by phrases here and there, such as his emphasis on
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prisoned one Bartholomew Soccini, who tried to leave Pisa for
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Hippocrates, Soranus, and Galen (Sandys). 1 How flourishing
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later by Sextus Empiricus, Diogenes Laertius and otherwise, as
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precautions. The candidate would choose the Doctor who should
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the idea of the pneuma ; the Orient — e.g. the Jews — of the blood.
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some conscience in the matter ; thus Eratosthenes, the geometer,
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radically altered by Aristotle himself, and, as Benn pointed out,
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farinaceous food should not be given at so early an age as was
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these summaries are of little historical value, but Theophanes is
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sounder tradition of Hippocrates, avoiding on the one hand
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provided by the public, were so large as to be outside of, if still
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drugs ; and, as we have seen, his habit was to mention not those
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of that new Ionian imagination, into their glory in the dawn of
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organo-therapy was in practice ; as in the use of compounds
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source of life and culture was not dried up. The wide and
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seem that Aristotle attributed a certain book of the heterogeneous
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among auctores ; and Quintilian speaks of him as " vir mediocri 4
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to time there was confusion, or at any rate a blend, between
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mous papyrus of London was drawn from Menon's Aristotelian
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well known to need description — that further developments
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memorial study is easier of comprehension. However modern
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Themison, a pupil of Asclepiades who is commonly regarded,
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vessel " ((p. kolXt)), or " thick blood-vessel " (cp. ira^ela).
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stantine, nor by Charlemagne, nor of course by Benedictines.
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universe, and sought for moving (dynamic) as well as material
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ample references. The school of Bordeaux also began to flourish
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presumably is, for the surgeries as for the law courts, that both
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they again had built nothing, and therefore knew not yet how to
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century; as by Alexander Neck ham, and Brunetto Latini, and earlier writers. The magnet
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other features of the nervous system, and emphasised the function
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have the authority of your high position ; we beg you therefore not
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the malarious infection of estuaries, and of harbours such as Ostia.
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medieval natural history, following too readily the example of
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Pliny, Galen, and certain commentators. From Dioscorides and
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(dvaOv/jLLao-is), passed on this confused and unfruitful tradition
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find mention, on inscriptions, of a physician to the Gardens of
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and fro. The locus classicus in this respect is a passage in the
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phthisis, and on diabetes, which was regarded as a melting down
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time. 2 For example, Galen says (loc. cit. 547-8) : " That some
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casements opening upon new visions of medicine that from
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fifteenth century, although obviously decayed under Arabian
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have said, Cullen is a model of good sense, even in his philosophy.
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elder. But the passage in the Timaeus, quoted for demonstration of this, which,
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mingled with air in lung it is distributed, and each organ selects
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Travellers and residents and the military medical officers who
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Although, when we think of the poverty, and the short series, of
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waned ; but, if exception be made of Heraclitus, who was a
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eminent men of the school of Athenaeus and Soranus ; and this
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causes, such as acute appendicitis, perforation, aortic regurgita-
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Valentinian appointed an " Archiater " for each of the fourteen
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would not even assert that the truth behind phenomena is un-
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Whether inhibitory or stimulatory may often depend rather upon
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the four elements of the old physiologists — from Aristotle to
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Persia and Syria where, to this day, they are held in great respect.
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know very little ; but it would appear that both of these
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might win the secret and, with the image of God, inherit also a

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