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of the reign of Claudius and the inventor of diachylon, Bassus, 1 we
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able is the portrayal of maniacal fury in the II. F. : great mental disturbance with fits of
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afterwards a better one came to light in the Ambrosian Library.
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that time could enter into them ; furthermore, these Greek
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the opinions of Erasistratus on the respiration we have little
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the Hermetic books, in alchemy, in the potency of gems, and so
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The immediate effect of Harvey's discovery of the laws of
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Dioscuri, Asclepius, Serapis, Cosmas and Damian, thus saved
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astronomer, first founder of a theory of the spheres on direct
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the doctrines and rhetoric of Carneades (c. 156 B.C.) were for
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physician of the tradition and spirit of Hippocrates, whose large
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