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lore of Greece, especially during the Parthian peace, and made
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fantastic or empty reasons, nor even on mere divergencies of
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Of a like kind was the airorvtrwai^ doctrine of Democritus
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to the ground (with fear), defixum imprecatione. Such are the
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by much charm of imagination. These medleys of monstrous
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Mediterranean lands would appear to belong to the Arabs, whose
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Chrysippus the master of Erasistratus, and, as Galen says of
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Now, in commenting upon this account in Aetius, Valentine Rose
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for word from old to new ; the first maker of the stuff might complain,
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of graduation (" ultra tria millia turon. argenteorum." Six
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the thought of the Middle Ages in physiology, so in psychology
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although it has been much discussed in respect of Pliny ; in
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and so forth. In considerable part however, if not altogether,
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and Talmudic tradition, made a near approach towards the
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larise " the higher philosophy " and rhetoric was the task of
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operations which fell therefore to peripatetic lithotomists,
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ling, in his essay on these military hospitals of the older Imperial
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critical acumen, was incomparably the inferior of Celsus, and
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devastated world, presently to perish in the crash of the Last
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of man, must therefore be altogether a matter for lamentation.
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of the spirit of Harvey ; he seems to have made no experiments,
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expensive that manuscripts were few ; and these few were preyed
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Carbonarius. This also may be a less skilful copy of Crateuas.
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hazard way to form this thing or that, but in a fixed ratio or combination. . . . It is of
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the culture of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries — in medicine
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the Moslem schools of Spain, whence Avicebron handed on the
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it rose and divested itself of the hazy, barbaric, or bestial elements
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in Rome ; Marcus Aurelius seems to have been at Gaeta when
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restored to its author, " Peter Peregrinus." The title of the letter
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and learned of many ; yet he seems to have retained the Cnidian
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Medicine of Paris pronounced antimony a poison, to be classed with " venins " : " stibium
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manuscripts has been for many years if not a study at least
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images (" species ") of themselves, and the so-called " visual
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knowledge, to distinguish, in the chthonian and olympian
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call of the end, as this innate self -building and ordering faculty
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own abode, such as a well or cave ; the Olympians, being more
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2 Qepairevrixri /xe6o5os Kiihn, vol. x. cap. 5-6. See my Hist. Eelations of Med. and
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of Rose's Anecdota. A good latin translation in five Books,
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We know that Alfred Sershall was lecturing on Arab physics
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to the female, and Athenaeus seems to me to be even more
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people — i n which the elevated right hand is widely opened ; the
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the first transfusion experiment, Bathurst, Hooke, and Mayow
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(pepovres ttotop (" giving her to drink hot wine almost instead
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Hittite, and on the other hand from the Achaeans — the Ionians,
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cannot attribute exclusively to the Northern races of Europe,
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lent to Matthioli for use in his Commentaries on Dioscorides. 3
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This was an anonymous, probably a co-operative, work of
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of the name he has given them of ' Experimentarian Philo-
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philosophy. Notwithstanding it found a place in such works as
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we read (vii. 2-3) of a great holy feast to gods during a severe
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friend of Augustine, had a considerable part in Roman economy ;
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Alexander, and founder and great benefactor of the school ; and
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the case in illustrated books. But in this example the coloured
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and of the eclectic or " episynthetic " physicians who assimilated
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the blood, which Aristotle compared to the tides of the Euripus ;
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our era, dealt also in preparations of minerals ; as of arsenic,
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1 I see in the Collectanea Fr. Min. it is said simply that he did so under the per-
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78) was of a double cage of net or wicker, the outer containing
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thoughts. Indeed we are all of us so deeply indebted for our
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physical means, such as chmate, waters, exercises, diet and the
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even of Polybus. He was an advocate of venesection, an observer,
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and Etruscan societies. 1 It is true that in Aegean history, in
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supposed the nerves to be tendinous prolongations of the dura

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