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either private or public ; the poor student was glad to avoid the

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trace doctrine and tradition from school to school. There

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thought and speak still of an electric fluid, and in the medical

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even in the beginnings of history. In this lecture, as I propose

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pseudo-Dioscorides. The treatise of Philumenus on Venomous

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and methods of practice among gentlefolks and those of what we

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now attempt, will therefore partake of this uncertainty, and

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differentiated category, it was surely in physics. I may remind

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conception of " Nature " as including both living and unliving,

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backward as the reign of Mithridates Eupator (c. 100 B.C.),

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that we read even the esoteric Timaeus with less sense of the

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{oirolov irdBoq) but also on the part affected (rbv irdayovra tottov)

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fell on bad times, on what Scaliger called the " tempus ahrjXov " ;

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and Grew, like Malpighi and Leeuwenhoek, worked with the

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(On seven-day periods — based upon the number of the planets),

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out some description of them the history of science, and in particular of the idea of the

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into four regions : (1) that of the head, as the seat of the under-

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drying, moistening, etc., etc., yet he was no extravagant drugger.

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inflated by cosmological extravagances. In the Pneumatist

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custom, medicine, agriculture, could not be fully differentiated :

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often word for word, from his predecessors, especially from

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to Alexandrian and Roman times, we shall find that a certain

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ficial resemblances and analogies. First come the Comata —

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Archigenes; to Wellmann's PneumatisU ; to Suscmihl (op. cit.) ; to various Aristotelian

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De iride et de cometis, and was a keen inquirer into new sources

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concept of the absolute thus returned, against that of relativity

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outgoing act. Empedocles seems to have held the same opinion,

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It is remarkable that under the head of Fevers Celsus appears

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communion with the Divine, has moulded the whole story of man

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were the Western nature and outlook of the Ionian Greeks, as

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tireless orbit of the heart (p. 318). Now by " innate heat "

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therein Themison, and his successor Thessalus, for the moment

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facts together without construction is but confusion ; it is true

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We have seen that the greater Greek philosophers taught

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If we look back from this point we shall see that the ancient

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Such brutality, if not alien to the Roman, was foreign to the Greek temper. Dr. Crawford

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ancient physicians, was appreciated under the interpretation

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of research, we cast no shadow on that great memory. The

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in part no doubt quoting also from memory, as in those days

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piece of audacity, Grcvin had to justify his trench translation of Vesalius (Epit. Wechcl,

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later writers have been quick to peg out, seems to have been

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womb. 1 But the Greek, even in his errors, was preserved from

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locally caused hoarseness or loss of voice (vii. 150) ; three patho-

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lay writers to mean palpitation under excitement ; 7r757(7cs was also a leaping palpitation,

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distinction from Aristotle, congenital heat (I/a^uto depfiaaia),

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after that date became gradually familiar with their varieties.

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pathological biology were put in action — as they were in Panama

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as a motor, and supposed it to be the source of the blood (Well-

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we call sclerotic degeneration. So, if we try to get behind

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This Celsus could not but see : " Itaque ista quoque naturae

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but in my opinion much misunderstanding is caused by extend-

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records, receits and secrets " — laboratory books as we should say.

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second, of those due to the haunting of aerial spirits, in which

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again in searching behind phenomena for their essences or

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autopsies, etc. were all recorded in german ; the lectures also

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History discovers to us that orthodoxy is a social rather than

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in which they might be planted He admitted however that in

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