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of these designated a midwife exclusively. However, as we see,
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Woodstock, lasted for three days ; while Lasco " deliciis literariis
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incubation, and the fantastic notions of signatures and sympathy
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It is to Galen, whose value as a source of medical history
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pupil in his turn of Empedocles, whom, as we have seen, Plutarch
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able as they were in Varro and Celsus — two of the most scien-
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and Greek letters, the yoke of theology, which has dominated
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Rohde 2 and shown to be taken from Archigenes, a discovery of
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tiality and realisation, the pregnancy of each phase or stage of
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subject, of combining figures with descriptions ; unless possibly
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Soranus as Physician and Surgeon. — Of the traditions that
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neologism. Thus the De anima was always ranked among
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for the professors seem to have been far more scrupulous in the
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cardiac rhythms as characteristic of periods of life. The rhythm
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possible that the separation of patients in small wards in some
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government of all things was logos, or law in our sense of
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differentiated category, it was surely in physics. I may remind
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backward as the reign of Mithridates Eupator (c. 100 B.C.),
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Parmenidean unity. As Mr. Benn has said, at Elea all becoming
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tions of Oxford as a seat of government were not altogether to
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are rather silent about it, and little or nothing is said of any
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(Pohl p. 57) that the public physician shall give prompt and
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city, was a splendid mercantile town of stately warehouses and
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drying, moistening, etc., etc., yet he was no extravagant drugger.
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custom, medicine, agriculture, could not be fully differentiated :
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ficial resemblances and analogies. First come the Comata —
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De iride et de cometis, and was a keen inquirer into new sources
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synthesis was in attitude good physical physiology.
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communion with the Divine, has moulded the whole story of man
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(Oribasius, Aet. xiv. 52) (p. 284). Trephining is a very old
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Aristotle. And even in Parisian Oxford, which repudiated More
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fourth century there were not a few eminent physicians in
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later writers have been quick to peg out, seems to have been
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his contemporaries knew him better than we can do ; or, anyhow,
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lay writers to mean palpitation under excitement ; 7r757(7cs was also a leaping palpitation,
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An inscription, in Cypriote script upon a brass tablet, was found
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after that date became gradually familiar with their varieties.
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In the early Empire, on account of some quaking in the earth
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recent to make quite a comfortable reflection for us, that leech-
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whether as good or evil ; our duty is to try to understand it as
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Provost of King's, now of Eton. In medical MSS. Italy is of
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it would seem that portions of Celsus, under whatsoever titles,
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virulent insects (p. 354) — and scorpions. A french translation
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Still if Sextus Empiricus did not, could not, quite reach Hume's
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common source (see p. 365) ; for between the versions of such
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ing, repercussive, expressive, opilative. resolutive, maturative,
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recognises the common characteristic of the particular persons ; namely that they are
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acrimonious in dispute than Celsus, yet likewise betrays in his
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methods towards a truer hygiene and physiology. Andreas
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sage threw a stone, he began to ask himself whence in himself
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vesicles minutely in search of a seminal element, and, finding
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tion : a remarkable conception, in later times darkened by cruder
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that an able and full account of the humoral pathology is to be found in Macrobius
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600 florins. (" Non sit . . . aliquis scholaris predictarum civi-
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