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dissected animals as Alcmaeon had done, that he studied the

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phases of immunity and anaphylaxis, of phagocytosis, and also

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far more intelligent and clear-sighted thinker. 1 I have suggested

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no ideas, no tradition, no law, or but rudiments of them. Even

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150 B.C., generally associated in history with one Nechepsos, an

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stitions and fantastic heresies ; neolatins, doctors, sophists, and

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Jurists to the Duke on October 27, 1447, as follows :

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of an argument will afterwards be made plain." 1 The truth

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excerpts from the Hippocratic treatises ; e.g. from the Female

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Arts (H.N. xxxv.) ; but the medical part of Pliny is the worst of

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that for every disease a drug existed and must be sought for.

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malady, while he practised on the belief in the method as a means

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the other hand were then a vigorous and healthy force in support

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%doov). In the vases of Cyprus and Caere of the seventh cen-

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new and fresh were continually beginning again. Heraclitus,

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His argument cannot here be given at length ; he thinks that,

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running, sleep sufficient, and so on. He is openly defiant of all

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find none of these sectarian catchwords (p. 288). This blend

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the tissues, the heat of functional activity, was imperfectly, or

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scarcely adequate, seeing that long before our era, especially

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its trade was extensive and, as things went, peaceful : Cambridge

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barian and in modern Europe. Nay, if under other guises, the

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Oyn. Bd. xv., 1902 ; of this paper I have seen only extracts. J. Hirschberg, Berl. klin.

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The only argument for genuineness besides mere tradition is that

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meet the difficulty. How was medicus to be denned What

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alike. This law was as old as Plautus (Mercator iv. 6), and was

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lonius Mys, Soranus, Theodorus (a pupil of Athenaeus), etc., but

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matists, and his articles in Hermes (xxxv. ) and in Pauly-Wissowa. For the influence of

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of the wealthy Hellenic cities of Asia Minor, was unknown to

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John Matthew must have graduated at Pavia, for under a

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greek had dropped out, and a kind of latin had taken its place.

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in many districts by no means what it should be. We have a

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another, especially of opposites. Cold and heat seem to have

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say ; but the progress seems to have been substantial and largely

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sense was overlaid with fanciful routine and scholastic rubbish.

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throbbing) seems (Asclepiades, Soranus, Galen) to have been

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trunk of the body. The Methodists used venesection only in

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the lower ; and, if a prompter action were required, the herbs were

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Aristotle, who is regarded as the first thinker to base a science

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reader to Mr. Huntingdon's essay. We have to remember of

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philosophy which endeared him to the Church, and above all

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by discussion. What the discussions were — arguments based on

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extent of the Alexandrian anatomy, both normal and pathological.

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natural indications, acute observation and experience, and their

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declared, the door opened upon a way which to us has become

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The iatro-chemical school then was in no great vogue in

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goes as far as to call him a forerunner ( Vorbote) of the Renaissance.

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vival and propagation if not in the generation of ideas. In

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cine ; among these, earlier in the fourth century, Wellmann

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might expect, was no uncommon one ; of his time fourteen

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hare ; and so on. The various modes of blood brotherhood, and

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by Serenus Samonicus, by Fallopius and so on — to aid

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Medica he makes the first mention of camphor. His Uepl rpocficov

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Accordingly Herophilus abode in the four humours while Erasi-

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passages, larger and smaller, straighter and more crooked

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universal rest ; for where were no spaces there could be no

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there lies, as yet unpublished, an anonymous manuscript, found

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