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know from Cato's Commentary — there had been in Rome a
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Through the traditions of the baser sort of authors this degraded
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all departments Constantinople, menaced without by perpetual
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Erasistratus, broke through the doctrine of the heat or pneuma
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covered by a dome between it and Heaven. Psellus however, in
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Asclepiades ; the medical botanist, folk-lorist, and gossip and the
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the local wise man was said to have " great skill in bandaging cuts and wounds, and always
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matter was a uniform, immovable, eternal whole — a continuum ;
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stone, oculists, operators for hernia, etc. Not only so, but a
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remarkable course. The logical terms air, fire, pneuma, soul,
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one may skim an impression from Diels' catalogue of medical
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corum medicis publicis, R. Sc. Pohl, Berlin, 1905 (the author's latin might be bettered),
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Medicine and Physics. — Let us glance, however hastily,
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and that the Nestorians, on their expulsion, carried with them
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is, in the opinion of Haeser, impracticable. The x authenticity
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tion, that of this manifold beautiful and growing world man
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a shaping divinity under which all things, even the heavens,
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methods of counsel and ordinance, we proceed from these dreams,
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a considerable advance upon his predecessors (see Marx, loc.
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He knows that " a suspension of the exercise of reason is im-
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lianus, Galen, Aetius, Cassius the iatrosophist, Antiochus of Ascalon, etc., and commentaries
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the blood is concerned in some kind of combustion (accensio),
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ings of Persius from Horace which enrage modern scholars. In
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commonly confused with the small Antidotarium of Nicholas
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curationum ad corporis salutem inventa." Medical manuscripts
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the discovery, real or supposed, in certain less virulent substances,
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1 How in the sixteenth century matters of knowledge wire not tested but discussed, is
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cavities of the body. We know that from the time of Hippocrates
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the period just before our era Greek philosophy had shown a
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a Coan point of view. Asclepiades, instructed in the physics of
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he attributed all the marvellous adaptations of nature to God
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the third, I have spoken before (p. 278). He seems to have
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Benn used to declare to be the greatest contribution ever
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and, it is to be hoped, solution, of some medical problem specially
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examples — for in this respect Empedocles was independent of
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costal and diaphragmatic, the voluntary movements, the control
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printing, the contents of books were still regarded as common
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1 See testimony Alex. Aph. De febribus, Ideler ii. 82 Oepfiacria irapa <pv<rlv airb
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tion, and the Aristotelians (e.g. author Uepl 7rvevfiaro<i) that the
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abundantly ; yet we cannot accept the common and still preva-
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were to be used ; if, as in the second stage, there was relaxation,
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body, shining by reflected light, was " a horror to the orthodox."
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Sudhoff considers that Galen, in his tract on Critical Days, 1
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adverse effect of clonidine (catapres)
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I have to thank Mr. Harrison (the Royal Society) for the following
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and every mode of activity, such as weight, levity, 1 heat, cold,
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principles of the laboratory with the accumulating contingencies
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brain to the heart and arteries ; being herein the followers
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commentary of the schools was sufficient for all purposes ; the
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able pursuit. In and about the second century B.C. a pro-
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