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2 Mijt' £k KapStas /x6c7js dXXd wavTaxWei', ws Hp6<pi\os aptcKei (Gal. iv. 731 K.).

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air is not its volume but some quality in it (ttolottj^) ; and he

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animal, vegetable, and inorganic kingdoms into one cosmos : a

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slaughter of the suitors (in the last book of the Odyssey) by means

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although a protestant and a reformer, in Mary's reign also. He

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added from the Orient other influences also, of still worse conse-

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for instance, arising from the stream of fresh blood in the sacrifices

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show, inter alia, the river god offering a cock to Aesculapius.

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what later than the bloom of Alexandria. In still later times,

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be vitiated, that disease is a perversion of health, of the normal

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The ancient philosophers conceived of opposites as in strife,

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they have their origin in the past ; they have their ancestry,

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of testing reasoning by practice (see Celsus ix. 9). But indeed

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lienosis 2 medebatur." Pliny (ib. xxviii. 43) speaks of the cure of

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in the breadth of their ruling idea, seem to have been more

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way, the contents of which may be gathered from Pliny (N.H.

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the profusion of astrological signs in the " iatro-mathematical "

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students to Cambridge, and of Cambridge students to Stamford,

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of that favourite of kings and harvester of fees with the bitter

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no faculty of prevision could, according to them, be obtained :

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perplexity of Aselli who failed on occasion to demonstrate the

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divine visitation, uttered these immortal words :— " Indeed in

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Cumae founded very early by " Pelasgians " from Euboea, and

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The whole of this part of his story, as told by the younger Pliny,

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of Soranus ; in him, under Hadrian, twenty years before Galen,

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" que j'eusse les ammoroites " — is it conceivable that a divine

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blood. Aristotle thought that a like porous condition allowed

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hardly be regarded as the harbinger of a medical renaissance.

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ought not to be forgotten. Roger Bacon proclaimed, what even

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and embedded itself in his tongue. Yet we shall observe again

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that he shall be not only in a position to recognise their applica-

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trated into minuter detail, and thereby gained some idea of

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Trocrdrris and tolottjs, for example, are to us intolerable, and were in respect even of their

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Eastern Mediterranean. We find it in vivid life long before the

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sources to its issues, chronologically and with due regard to its

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thumb-rule formulas as Themison and the Empirics provided.

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The excerpts of Oribasius from Dioscorides' records of vege-

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distal communications between the veins and the arteries, gates

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exist : I recall this fundamental notion because, as I have said,

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The only argument for genuineness besides mere tradition is that

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Four was a critical number in early times, as in Egypt ; e.g.

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2 For dentistry see Cio. De leg. ii. 24. 60 and passages in Lucian, Martial, etc. Like all

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tion which brings us very near Mayow. He concludes the discus-

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and so on to Salerno. It is true that the later Methodists, such

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See Theophrastus, De sens, where Theophrastus makes the reactionary objection

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that has been attributed to divine or demonic influence, the

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the case of Alexandria, the records are lost, may in some measure

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Now in part by the way of music, as illustrated by the case

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