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great contemporary Lavoisier, in his indifference to a revolution
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and noble ambition of Menocritus, son of Metrodorus, a Samian.
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Medicine in Pavia. The College of Physicians was a close and
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economical plants. But of those times the history of medicine
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three methods ; on chance observations of happy results, but
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about rather by personal than by literary influence. All we can
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was closely associated with Boyle, both in his physical and
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France and into England, while Paris, crushed under wars and
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migrations, from school to school ; having no country but in the
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freemen also were beginning to find their way to Rome, and
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mere chroniclers, but respectable if not brilliant authors. In the
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quicker for contingencies but his survey narrower ; the crafts-
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is indeed in the pseudo- Aristotelian Ylepl ■7rvev/xaro<; x that we
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Rabies 1 seems first to have been distinguished as a definite
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in seventy books a digest of medical and surgical works then
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eari 7r\av(o&r)<;). It runs after certain odours, and flies from
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same or similar beliefs among the Chaldeans, the Jews of the
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and the phrases of a dead or moribund nosology. The majority
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Toulouse : " This is the promised land where flow milk and honey,
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quality in every and all bodies in the universe. But the
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pathology can be studied profitably only in connection with
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and certain drugs and their uses, a like correspondence with
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and the historian of the soul," for he declared the continuity of
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dwelt more adequately on the evidence for a far different
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established diplomatic intercourse with Greece, 1 and that a Greek
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correspond to the four books of Aretaeus, On the Symptoms and
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facts as these how can it be asserted and re- asserted, as in
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was not sufficient ; an indication surely of some prophecy of the
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fierce, almost as stubborn, as they were in certain Pneumatists
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what of Haller, a brilliant and distinguished man of science, a
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higher and lower organisms in this respect, and that all pur-
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the last quarter of the fifteenth century, or very soon afterwards.
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malady in the time of Asclepiades, though there are earlier allusions
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is good, and he urges the importance of anatomy as the basis of
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even more familiar to us than those of Euclid, Aristarchus,
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the marvellous periods of the cardiac function to this fifth
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by the noble Roman lady Fabiola, the friend of Jerome. 1 Then
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perhaps I need not labour this part of my paper ; I may be
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and jejune, we know that in the arts of enamelling and metal
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or perhaps to have postulated both an outgoing and an incoming
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of the place and functions of the Psyche, to be so intricate,
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in the Eleatic view, nothing was either generated or destroyed,
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clung stoutly) ; (2) pulsation ; (3) assimilation of nutriment —
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from action. Celsus did not lose sight of these considerations
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new and fresh were continually beginning again. Heraclitus,
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oportere et communia et propria intuentem). Still, as in all revolts,
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Collection in the Nottingham Museum is a terra-cotta from the
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330 B.C. its finest coins, and led the southern confederacy until
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normally guarded or closed. Furthermore, Herophilus anticipated
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great antimony strife of the sixteenth century, 2 was published
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by heart, as he did Homer, and recited them in public. His
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taught accordingly that with each beat the arteries drew pneuma from the heart (as well as
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flourished under the following Dukes of Milan : Filippo-Maria
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the period with which these lectures are concerned. 1 The
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B.C. In the Asclepian sanctuary on the south slope of the
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And we must try to realise that, for those ancients, numbers
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believed at least that by this means foul humours could be
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which sheds some light on the custom of ancient writers in this
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as to see and hear it only was mortal." Pare, in his twenty-first Book, says that venomous
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an Alexandrian, who practised at Nicaea, for his Dynameron 1 —
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Science and Medicine, from first to last, of men of Ionian culture ;
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but of its proper heat and spirit (non quod a refrigeratione sed quod
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said, been more intimately expressed, even by English poets, than in poetry or prose by
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than their dogmatising rivals. Accordingly in the early Empire
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establishments it was convenient to have a doctor on the

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