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striatum, more jejune even than the Asclepiadean cloggings (aco/ia
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line of ideas half scientific, half mystical ; again reinforced, or
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But, it cannot be admitted that Bacon, or any immediate follower
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even of this recent study — as we shall see presently — have since
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able step, for the name of this Peter Peregrinus was known to us by
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Boyle, or Hooke for Boyle, made a better one, without seeing
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a/coro) kirl riva ctkottov ro^evovatv). There are two kinds of the
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spring up and, gyrating in the void of positive knowledge, would,
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igoytfv demiurgi. As the public physician seems to have been
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an.), and to imply that the innate heat was uncaused. Aristotle's
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another transmutation conveyed it into neo-latin Europe. Thus
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with the ideas of Aristotle ; that, according to Erasistratus, it
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One of the most poignant aspects of human life is the perennial
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ception which may be said to have fallen into utter neglect
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my authorities without mentioning them by name if they agree ").
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days of which we are speaking was no whit behind Italy in its
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schools, 2 as also over Galen and the later, the Alexandrians had
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as designed to be as quiet as possible for the sick ; and of a well-
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past, no spiritual lineage, no political, no intellectual heritage ;
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theory of fife ; but in Rome they had sunk into the muddy
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apply the methods of one kind of problems to those of a different
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invitations from other and richer cities, or were besought to
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yet he has to treat — let us say— dropsies on principles of osmosis,
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in his De medicamentis used him word for word, though under
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not given up taking words for things, to belittle the Pyth-
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2 Smith's Diet. Biog. in loc. ; and, afterwards, Burnet and others.
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of our craft are less frankly expressed than is usual in medical
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Although Galen respectfully banters him on the roughness
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have been written in the decadence of the seventh, or in the
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to regard it as peculiarly our own. Finally, Bacon discriminated
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researches Bacon was aware, that we owe the first departure
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Jurists to the Duke on October 27, 1447, as follows :
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medical officers were appointed also in the cities of Sicily and
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introduction and text, and with (what I confess is not unwelcome
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as congenital (innate) ; and argued moreover that the arteries,
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therapeutics, a part of which was originally composed by a
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first Greek medical author known to us, was indeed as plainly
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ing intellect to them, restored to the brain its pre-eminence.
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Pliny's mouth was wide open for marvels and supernatural
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deduce it from something or other in Nature more known than
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in the more distressing phases of ague. Celsus however does
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instance of Asclepiades. In the latter days of Athens and
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essence of flame (halitus, or substantia, flammae) ; or something
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ated into the vegetative and animal spirits not in the lungs
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tion left a solid residue — and by evaporation air ; but the full
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latin translation were edited by that great grammarian J. G.
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blood which nourishes all the parts of the animal comes not from
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too far away. Moreover the recent excavations on the lower
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to an organism in which the words pneuma, soul, celestial motion,
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Demeter, Machaon, Kore. Here again secular instruments,
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discovery of deeper affinities ; from a set of rules and axioms
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was before their eyes {p,6vov irpos to irapov), for, in their
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essence. But even behind this, or in the centre of the wheel,
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notions appeared not only profane in medicine, but in their more
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itself with enormous velocity, weaving out of its own dust what
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respiration (i.e. refrigeration, to which the Aristotelian school
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as his school. He discovered the optic chiasma, demonstrated
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Socrates would not concern himself with their physics, and to
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mondificative, regenerative, incarnative, cicatrising, etc., etc.
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lent of the testes, followed Fallopius. Erasistratus seems to have
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higher and lower organisms in this respect, and that all pur-
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East, Greek schools throve abundantly — as in Athens, Con-
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when he denied that a particular disease was " divine " save in
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School of whom we know too little, as the first physician, if not
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