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positions of the heavenly bodies, ordering days and hours by

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as solvent of that authoritative tradition and " moral " which

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order. For example, even in the reign of Numa the Caesarean

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hand he contested some of the Stoic universals, as it would seem

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were honourable for personal intrepidity, and sanctified by his

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the touch or the permeability of synaptic neurons. These, and

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several kinds of the soul, in the hegemony of the heart, and in

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usually told. Doctrines have their roots deeper in the past,

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2 See Arist. De sensibus iii. 439 b 31, and Archytas in Pauly-W.

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misfortune, much of our knowledge of Soranus, and of the history

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drying, moistening, etc., etc., yet he was no extravagant drugger.

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Nevertheless, as Dr. Crawford has said (Harv. Or., 1919) " Harvey's

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students are attracted by dogmatic teaching. This Galen gave

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It is difficult or impossible to say when this idea of the tripartite soul arose ;

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ledged, and even promoted. Up to the seventh century at

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quarters were rebuilt in stone by Claudius. The arrangement, as

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(and other demiurgi) were elected by an assembly (ecclesia), but

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not reached even this modest stage of civilisation — and that to

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champions of the emancipation of the human mind. And

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Richerus, ipse haud mediocriter arte medica instructus, mentionem facit medici cuiusdam

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adopting a few of his more rational recipes, and himself not

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which, before and since those words were spoken, have bewildered

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authors. These distinctions however were not always definite.

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to mistake, and much more frequently to miss of clearly demon-

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to live and to have souls ; each planet, if no longer a divinely

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I looked between the leaves on my way from the bookseller to

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and Aristotle, we saw that the dynamic view of life was carried

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although a meritorious and curious fact-digger, lacked the insight

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Scrofula The truth is, the spirit of research, far from dimming

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of Alexander the Great and his " scientific staff " found their

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A cup of rosemary wood was said to neutralise any poison put into

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more fully of two physicians — of Athenaeus, the formal founder

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monistic conception. The vegetative soul however they still

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judge from the few records we possess of Alexandrian study, it

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The playful banter with which Boyle disposes of cosmic

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and justly formed, a high opinion of the medicine of the age.

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While referring to the use of hellebore in insanity I may

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the pneumatists. So during the adumbrations of Methodism we

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apothecary's shop, and so forth, would be to detain you too long.

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Verres, or Lucullus ; and in his end he was really heroic. Littre

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— saying with van Helmont, " quod venale extat, fraude plenum

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failed to bring out. Neither he nor Galen distinguished between

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unfortunately he, and later physiologists, left in these vessels,

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barrelled air-pump, and the tradition is that this is the air-pump

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lies. Pliny is the only writer to impute moral delinquency to

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pilgrims, influenza — previously slight — rose to 60,000 a week.

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says, it breaks down before the exigencies of life. 2 Man is not

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the construction of apparatus. Guilds of such artificers existed

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