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of Galen attacked and demolished it. Then, as in the third
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therapeutics was no less enlightened, for he fed up the maniac
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tion or approval required for the practice of medicine ; medical
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As to his philosophy Celsus was a " Trimmer," in the Halifax
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of the glandular ducts. He wrote the first work on Anatomy, 4 as
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Galenic chapter, appears to have adopted, with endless sub-
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under signatures, a hold on the attention ; yet in the culling
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almanacks and ephemerides, "as if he commanded all our
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lum, 1914, B. xxxiii.), is chiefly concerned with mechanics, and considers development of
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animi debetur" Perhaps it was during the period of the Spanish
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1 I may allude however to the well-known vases found in Etruria but painted by Ionian
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versial strife, not by moral censure. With their doctrinal differ-
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Rome, 1 has brought both history and excavation to illustrate
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of hygiene ; and, whatever his abstract notions, he never forgot
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I passed by the far greater or at any rate more important, name
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method in its completeness ; he tried to restrict himself as
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Aristotle, they accepted the heart (to i]yefiovtfc6v) as its seat ;
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been discovered with other ruins of a Roman station, in the Swiss
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and " Et peragit soliti vena tenoris iter " (Ovid in Letter x. to
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" Auf Spuren alter (pvcrLKoi," Hermes xlv. 3, p. 321 ; and Jager's art. in Hermes, 1913. It
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the word archiater drifted into vulgar use, to signify any doctor,
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wards because it was the home of the senses, first arose out of a
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Anopheles. Intercourse of peoples is free enough in England,
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It is convenient here to remember that besides ordinary

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