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1892 ; Altitalische Weihgeschichte ; Stieda, Rom. MUM. xiv. 1910 ; Dupouy, Mid. et

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rules of symptoms, of doses, of dilutions, of hours — arouses the

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As to the channel of this Sicilian influence upon Aristotle,

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able if not exhaustive. See also M. Steineg, Arch. f. Oesch. Med. Bd. vi., Apr. 6, pp. 54-85 ;

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years, because although Asclepiades was born somewhere between

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subject, masterly as it is, here and there is not quite intimate,

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precautions. The candidate would choose the Doctor who should

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subtle organ, the hidden miracle of the body, is less enkindling

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fcal Xoyov aSvvarov, vyieias airovar]^. (Sext. Emp. Adv.

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obscura which gave a lively representation of certain objects

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instance, burned horn or hoof of a sheep ; but the ash must be

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spoils and bloating diseases of their patrons. In venality there

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Academy, emphasised the importance of negative instances,

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century by Thomas of Sarzana — Pope Nicholas the Fifth — receipt

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Carthaginian, about 200 B.C., wrote twenty-eight books on the subject, which served as

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Levant. However, too often these discussions were, after all,

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that of such persons Pittalus was prominent enough to point a

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second or purification of the blood ; and the third (in tissue

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man, are also invisibles. Doctrine, dogma, give at least some

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which, at a later date, seemed scarcely less supernatural.

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Basil of Caesarea (fourth century), who wrote a noble eulogy on

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cine only, is an old and long story which is not our business

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lack of any method of injection in his time the anatomy of the

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or sour wine. By night I traverse the city, in one hand a stick

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unnamed. Contrast these districts with Epidaurus in which

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might have collected from Heraclides ; but this is not all :

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It is our concern to weigh the value of each witness, and to

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matists recognised by the pulse the degrees of the tone of the

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says that the animal spirit is not only a substance in space but

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in genius of all these early sages, I will defer what I have to say

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links in the chain between Athenaeus and Archigenes, we really

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more to the heart, and the veins to the liver ; the arteries being

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and, if so, why not in the bodily courses, in physiology and

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than 120 physicians ; and even in 1748 it was still so venerable

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laTptKi]v, Kal KCLTaicoveiv rov Tavnis \oyov, iva icakol ical

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Many yielded if without assent. Again, the difference of the

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Marcellus Empiricus, of Bordeaux, not a physician but a

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on the contrary (p. 363) was a Herophilist, and a druggist ;

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from pre-Augustan times onwards, because we look back through

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Nearer our own times Sir Thomas Browne (V. and C. E., ed.

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similar miracles are recorded of Vespasian, who may have be-

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cratic writings which again did no little honour to his sagacity

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