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and eclectic, had proposed another side of the problem, which

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them in an original way ; in the careful selection of facts, and

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of birds, or in the currents of occult life in the entrails, were

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from Alexandrian times onwards, by empirical, sceptical, stoical,

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Hippocratic school ; and all this he set forth with lucidity. My

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though by no means without precedent — men turned to opposite

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It is then an essential condition of an atomic theory, in any

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z See Diels, Vorsok. and Littre vi. 466 llepl diair-rjs. In the sixth chapter of the Fourth

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drifted towards Scepticism, a school that was also the resort

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able are these views ; admirable in truth of insight, and in

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discussed the subject, seems, or did seem, to me to lay too much stress — or more stress

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which was still a " fief of Aristotle," as in Paris : he seems to

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this part of medicine ; a progress to which Galen, both by the

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Michelet says, put on heroic airs, and plunged into subtle and

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no room for other ingredients. In my FitzPatrick Lectures

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Pneumatism was modified by the Eclecticism which penetrated

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certain considerable immunities. From the time of Augustus

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influenced the Empirical sect of Medicine. Thus again we see

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a slave he was to replace him by another ; or, if not wholly

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in part at least to be attributed to Christianity. We find on a

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Trinity in 1659, I am reminded of the continual give and take

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by weighting latin prose with the matter of science, and by

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tion records an agreement between the King Stasicyprus, the

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matter and energy as one, with the vividness of the earlier

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perfected product of the blood, in this respect Aristotle seems to

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and interpreted in biblical senses ; of these many translations into latin appeared in the

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had he foreseen it, might have thought many Danaan gifts

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Thus on its psychical side pneuma for them seemed almost to

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precision. As Dr. Rivers showed in his FitzPatrick Lectures

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in their anatomy than this. If however Alexandrian by schol-

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many of these late Alexandrian teachers in the Aegean cities ;

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Wellmann's complete and scholarly, and probably final,

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1 per 1000. Under the man-to-man fighting of the Eepublic

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first figure which stands forth under any illumination since the

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he followed Praxagoras and Chrysippus who, in the Aristotelian

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Roman medical circles for aspiring physicians to deliver public

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copy of the treatise bound up with an edition of Vitruvius De archilectura, published at

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as a somatic function (engendered in his vital heat and seated in

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of Apollo and, as the oracles of Clarus were pronounced in verse,

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and some substantial fragments, of a work on The Kinds of Drugs

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placed provisionally in the ventricles. 4 On his description of

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Acute and Chronic Disease I can hardly admit. The prevailing notion in the time of Hippo-

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of oriental tradition. But to come into sight of the Arab schools

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when he heard that the plague had broken out at Tenos, before

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them in an original way ; in the careful selection of facts, and

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no more than this mention, " that the sexes were in separate

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of his grand patients. He appears moreover to have had then

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indeed in the Tyrol small stamp-like pictures of the Madonna

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anatomy points perhaps to Alexandria, or possibly Smyrna,

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S. Sophia, and the Hospital of the four Martyrs was founded

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was " founded " by a colony from Oxford ; but in the days of

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Akron of Agrigentum (fifth century B.C.), an eminent physician contemporary with

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Aurelianus and others, had rather prevailed in the later schools,

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contrast not only to the infinite divisibility of matter, but also

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goddess of old Rome, and he aptly shows that sacrum with the

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pneuma being its organ. In his system the breath took a

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body and its fluids, or of parts of them, are composed ; a doctrine

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a widely read man we observe, says Wellmann, even in his

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Nemesius of Emesa, held on more soundly to Hippocratic tradi-

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