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organised particles — organised out of chaos, for example, by

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text, and are comparable with the illustrations in those of Apol-

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provided the means of removing Britannicus, who was probably

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Francis Bacon called its cobwebs. Such buzzing and ineffectual

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some kind, were largely carried to their discredit by the under-

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diseases of winter were cold and moist, and those of summer hot

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his opinions never so false, we are at liberty to benefit by the

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setting him on the way to discover the earlier literary testimony.

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clinical observation was all in all, and normal physiology a matter

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as laryngotomy had been devised and counselled ; e.g. Antyllus

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(as Alcmaeon before them ) regarded vision as ingoing only,

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tributed to the god : ' But to me," he says, " it seems that

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De part, animal, : Prof. D'Arcy Thompson's of the De hist. an.

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" Muscio " professes to have had before him two works of

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sidered part of the education of a man liber liberaliterque institutus ;

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parts of him, as of De herbis femineis, which reached later com-

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Abbess Hildegard of Bingen in the twelfth century (1099-1179).

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the soul or principle of life ; (2) Pneuma, spirit or logos ; (3)

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and commodious apartments. A certain vase-picture is extant 2

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forums, became the resorts of literary societies ; one on the

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medical authors, I may say briefly for the rest that during the

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1 Scholars seem to be agreed that Dioscorides wrote just before Pliny.

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fjievwv epfievevs, yv vyiacvcov Tvyydvr}' r]v 8e (ppovr/oLV o drjp

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dramatic fitness. Of many more such examples I may mention

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blood may be generated in the heart I do not deny, but that

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fantastic or empty reasons, nor even on mere divergencies of

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which from time to time harried or devastated Rome ; for these

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modern instances how this fundamental concept of molecular

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not only blessing by symbolic gesture but also laying the potent

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Locke, and tendering his servile offices to expel him. 1 At the

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disease by mathematical and physical conditions and moments

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not only a high, but even a cardinal place in the history of

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1 See Rivers, loc. cit. ; R. Crawford, on " Cramp rings," etc., Stud. Hist, and Meth.

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amulets, spells, omens, and demons crept in more and more boldly.

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8vvdfjL€cov-— on the virtues of plants and fruits — was translated

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although jurisprudence kept its high place— for jurisprudence,

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physician of Pyrrhus, whom, if well paid for the job, he offered to poison. The consul

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But this change came about very slowly ; while at no time

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and university. The example of enlightened tolerance which

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of the gates of these universities ; and Ferrari in his published

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the Idalians I have mentioned, we find that to them a talent was

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The part then of Byzantium in European civilisation was

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colours, and the relative position of the sun throwing its rays

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